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Overwatch continues to be a bright spot in Boise State Esports

The year is already off to a good start as far as the Boise State Overwatch team is concerned. The team has already won the 2022 Mountain West championships against longtime rival UNLV. This marks back to back MW Overwatch victories for 2021-22. They also racket up victories by finishing as runner up at HVGC and 3rd place in the ECAC. With Fall 2022 looming, the Overwatch team is looking to do even better by competing in a whopping four separate tournaments. These tournaments include ECAC, ABC, NACE, and HueFest.

Often being the loudest team in the Esports arena, Boise State Overwatch is one of the keystones in Bronco Esports. This next semester will be one of the most unique the team has faced yet, with Overwatch 2 being released and a number of changes coming to the game as a result. However, if history is any guide the Bronco’s are looking to take these challenges in stride. And also, they will continue to have a lot of fun while competing! You can check out many of the teams Overwatch wins on Boise State Esport’s Youtube page, and catch all upcoming broadcasts for Fall 2022 on Twitch.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

Overwatch Team Photo
The Bronco Overwatch team pose with a trophy they earned in the Spring 2022 semester.