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Boise State wins ECAC spring 2022 Halo championships

In just it’s first year, Boise State won the ECAC Spring 2022 Halo championships. Boise State Esport’s game lineup is always changing and evolving. New games and talent are being tapped into constantly. The newest game to join Boise State’s varsity lineup was Halo Infinite, seeing it’s varsity debut in 2022. Despite being the newest game for Boise State, the Broncos have already made their name known as one of the top teams nationwide.

Taking place on April 28, Boise State played Kentucky in the grand finals for the Spring 2022 ECAC tournament. The players R3al1ty, CalvinD, TrueMorder, and Zeke won the best of 7 match in round 6, finishing with an overall score of 4-2. Their victory places them in the company of the Boise State Rocket League team who also won the ECAC championship in Spring 2022, and Wacey Williams, who won the Madden championship in Fall 2021. Following up on this incredible win, Boise State Esports will continue to support Halo Infinite into the Fall 2022 semester and is taking auditions for new team players on August 22. For more information on how to join, visit the Boise State Esports tryouts page. And to catch upcoming Halo Infinite gameplay, stay tuned to the Boise State Esports twitch page.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

Halo ECAC Award
Boise State faced off against the University of Kentucky last April to win the ECAC 2022 Spring Championships.