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All the way from the east coast, Jonathan “Clear” Foraker lands in Boise

As Boise State Esports continues to expand, so does its recruitment reach. Boise State Esports is now reaching potential students from all across the country. One of the farthest traveled recruits is freshman Jonathan “Clear” Foraker, traveling over 2,400 miles from Annapolis to Boise. Clear has joined the Overwatch team and is hoping to travel with them to the HUE Invitational 2022 tournament finals.

HUE carries a special weight for Clear. It’s at the same event last year he first met Boise State. While visiting HUE 2021, Clear took time to visit Boise State’s booth and pose with the Overwatch team. “I decided to join Boise State because I wanted to go to a school with both good academics, as well as a strong esports program,” says Clear, “After touring it I also really liked the campus and the downtown area.”

After making the long journey across the country to land in Boise, Foraker says he’s adjusting well to everyone on the team and is friends with all of them. Many native Boiseans are currently baking in 100+ temperatures. But Foraker is just happy he doesn’t have to deal with humidity like back home, “Humidity sucks,” he says.

Clear has been playing Overwatch for five years, first competing in season 5. Clear is an off-tank in game following in the steps of other well known Broncos such as Kellen “Kell” McGurkin and Arti “N3rdybird” Rainn. His current major is undecided, but he wants to remain involved in esports after graduation, a player, manager, coach, etc.

Written by Jacob Palmer.

clear huefest 2021
The Boise State Overwatch team welcoming new recruit “Clear” in 2021.