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Boise State rallies back to victory against ICCU in Bankers vs Broncos rematch

Boise State faced off against Idaho Central Credit Union in a rematch of the Bankers vs Broncos event that took place earlier this summer. The rematch took place trough September 16-17. Both teams played seven different games over the course of both days. Teams faced off in Call of Duty:Vangaurd, Smash Bros, Valorant, Madden, Halo, Rocket League, and Overwatch.  ICCU came to the event with a significant victory in their pocket beating Boise State in all but one game during the previous match.

Organizing the Event

The formation of the event was the work of Jay Tam, an IT manager at Idaho Central. Tam sent out an email to ICCU employees to gauge workforce interest in competitive gaming. Ty Foster, a Financial Services Officer for Idaho Central and a competitor in Smash Bros and Call of Duty, said he was contacted by Tam looking for players.

“He (Jay Tam) sent out an email asking for people who like to play games and wanted to look for something a little bit on the competitive side. That’s how I got in,” Foster said.

However, despite their victory during the first event, ICCU staff was noticeably more somber on the night of the rematch. It was clear that the Bronco’s were determined to get payback. Jay Tam expressed trepidation about how the night would unfold.

“I’m seeing how you guys play, and I’m not so confident. You guys are intimidating,” said Tam.

The Rematch

ICCU started the night off with a bang in Call of Duty:Vanguard, completely sweeping the Broncos. However, things would soon turn in the Broncos favor with them winning a tense match in Smash Bros and sweeping back with a convincing win in Valorant. Especially notable was the performance of Dallin “Dallimino” Starnes who played as a Duelist for the Broncos got two aces while playing Phoenix. The first night ended with the Broncos leading 2 to 1. The second night of competition had both teams competing in Halo and Rocket League. Boise State completely swept these two games as well. At the end of two days of competition Boise State had won the vast majority of games in the tournament.

Despite the landslide victory, both teams showed an incredible amount of sportsmanship during the tournament and had a lot of fun over both days. You can find both days of competition on Boise State Esport’s Twitch and Youtube page.

bankers broncos poster
The Bankers vs Broncos rematch took place on September 16&17.