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Audrey “Runa” Norris joins the Broncos

Boise State Esports has even more new talent joining it’s casting ranks with the introduction of Audrey “Runa” Norris. Runa is a local student from Boise who joins the university looking for a degree in Games, Interactive Media & Mobile (GIMM). Runa points to the existence of the GIMM program as a reason for her joining the university.

“Growing up in Boise meant that Boise State University was always on my radar,” said Runa. “However I didn’t fully commit to the university until I learned about the GIMM program and versatility of the degree.”

In terms of involvement with the program, Runa is currently working with the production team. She is currently gaining experience in working the streaming control room, as well as how to cast in front of the camera. In terms of games she likes to play in her spare time, Norris listed Destiny 2 and Remnant from the Ashes as favorites of hers. She is also getting advice on how to cast from award winning caster Kolby “Diangelo” Alloway.

“I’ve been enjoying getting to know all the casters and members of production,” Runa said. “I’m really glad that Kolby has been helping me learn how to cast.”

You can catch broadcasts involving Audrey at Boise State Esports twitch page.

Audrey Recruitment
Esports portrait by Priscilla Grover

Written by Jacob Palmer