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Broncos heading to NACE Overwatch grand finals

Boise State is having an incredible month in NACE Overwatch. Boise State qualified for the Fall 2022 NACE grand finals. The grand finals will be held on December 3, 2022, in Philadelphia, PA. By making it all the way to the grand finals, Boise State Esports has had their best NACE year ever in the program’s history.

History in NACE

Boise State started the playoff season with 15 other teams. The Bronco’s had made it to NACE playoffs in the past. But they hadn’t been able to make it past group stages in all previous years. This year Boise State faced an especially tough challenge, with top seeds Northwood and Harrisburg University being the favorites to win. Both of these teams have a history with the Broncos, a history that many Boise State fans would like to forget. The Northwood Timberwolves were the reigning NACE champions from the Fall 2021 playoffs. The Timberwolves also beat the Bronco’s earlier this year in the NACE Overwatch 1 Final Showdown. Not to be outdone, the Harrisburg University Storm entered the playoffs as the Spring 2022  NACE champions.

Fall 2022 Playoffs

Boise State started off the day facing off against Drexel University in round 1. The Broncos started off strong winning their first best of 5 match in a 3-0 sweep. Up next were the St. Clair Saints which Boise State also beat 3-0. All of the pressure for the day lead up to the semi-finals, witch Boise State facing Northwood on one side of the bracket, and Harrisburg facing University of Texas, Dallas, on the other side. Predictions favored both Northwood and Harrisburg as the matches started, however, the two semifinal underdogs had a different plan.

First, the UTD Comets pulled off an outstanding upset victory against last semesters reigning champions, beating Harrisburg 3-2 in the best of 5. While UTD’s semifinal victory shocked many following the tournament, Boise State pulled off an even more stunning upset.

Boise State swept Northwood, the 2021 NACE champions, 3-0 in their semifinal match.

By the time the playoff week had ended, the Bronco’s had a 9-0 record in the NACE Starleague Postseason, shattering all expectations placed on them. The Broncos and Comets, two teams that few had predicted to beat championship winning squads, will now travel to Philadelphia PA for the NACE Starleague grand championships. The last time the Bronco’s had traveled Pennsylvania was for HUE 2022. However, unlike last time, the Bronco’s are now just one team away from being crowned national champions.

John “Chosen” Rinella playing Overwatch in the Boise State esports arena.

Written by Jacob Palmer