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Emiliano “Durtho” Flores named CRL rookie of the year

Boise State freshman Emiliano “Durtho” Flores won the title of CRL rookie of the year. Colligate GG announced the awards on their twitter account on November 16, 2022.  The group gave out the awards to recognize talented players from the Fall 2022 CRL season. Colligate GG also gave out awards such as MVP and coach of the season.  The organization asked its Twitter followers to vote for their favorite player to decide the award. Durtho won the poll, beating out players from three other top level universities.

boise state rocket league 2023
Boise State’s rocket league team competing in the Boise State Esports arena

Durtho has been on the varsity rocket league team for only one semester. Despite this, he has already made waves in the collegiate Rocket League space. In just his first semester playing for Boise State, Durtho has already traveled across the nation to attend tournaments and earned a championship ring. Durtho, along with Gabriel “Gil” Reynolds and Kyle “Instinct” Ady led the Broncos to a championship victory in this years Mountain West RL season. Boise State also had an impressive run in this years CRL season, making their way to the playoffs in the league’s west division.

Boise State earned more awards for the season than just rookie of the year. Former Boise State varsity player and current Rocket League coach Payton Wilkin was also named coach of the year for the fall 2022 season.

Written by Jacob Palmer