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Boise State enters CVAL in search of a cinderella story

Riot Games inaugural year of CVAL is entering its winter phase with the Broncos facing off in a crucial decider match this week. The team is taking on CSU Fullerton on Wednesday. It is the first step the team has take to qualify for the CVAL championships this summer.

Tournament Tiers

While many different tournaments may exist for any game in any academic semester, some outrank others in prestige. Fans of traditional college sports need look no further than the college football bowl games that happen ever year. While many bowl games exist, a select few are reserved for the highest performing teams and draw in the most attention (e.g. the Rose Bowl, the Peach Bowl, etc.). Official tournaments supported by the games developers are the esports equivalent to these prestigious bowl games. For Rocket League, Psyonix officially supports CRL. Similarly, Riot Games, developers of League of Legends and Valorant, host CLOL and CVAL respectively.

CVAL logo by Riot Games.

The collegiate CVAL season if dividend up into three phases taking place in fall, winter, and spring. Schools compete in four different divisions, Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. The top 2 teams, per division, per phase advance onto the CVAL world championships taking place this summer. All other teams are awarded points per phase based on how for they get. The top point earners from each phase also qualify for the grand championship. The prestige of the grand championship is not lost on Riot Games.

“We do not plan to directly connect CVAL to the professional Valorant ecosystem, but we expect the highest level of scholastic play to draw the attention of pro scouts who already have a vested interest in seeking out top talent,” Riot said in their season announcement.

daimyo stage denver
Valorant player Marshall “Daimyo” Hainer on stage at the Red Bull Campus Clutch Rockies Playoffs.
Boise States Tournament Journey

During the past fall phase, Boise State faced up against San Jose State University, who knocked the Broncos out of the tournament. For the Broncos to still qualify for the summer championships they would either have to be one of the top two teams in the Winter season, or maintain a high standing (approximately 3rd place) for Winter and Spring together.

It’s a long and tough road ahead to be sure and it starts out with a tough late night match. The match takes place Wednesday 25th at 9pm MST. With the possibility of the match going a full best of three, it could be a late night for the team. However, all players are excited to see how they will do in their winter CVAL debut. Weather or not Boise State achieve a true Cinderalla story type run this season remains to be seen.

Written by Jacob Palmer.