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Valorant player Peter “Skies” Mittelbrun faces busy season ahead

Among the highly energetic and passionate Valorant plays in Boise State you will find Peter Mittelbrun, who could potentially be facing his biggest semester yet. Mittelbrun is currently a third-year business major at Boise State University. He is originally from Santa Clara, CA. Mittelbrun currently plays for the Boise State Valorant team under his gamertag “Skies”.

Skies playing Chamber at the Red Bull Campus Clutch nationals.

Skies started of the 2022-23 academic year with a bang. For one thing, he traveled along with the rest of the Valorant team to Denver, Colorado for the Red Bull Campus Clutch Rocky Division Offline Qualifiers (or the RBCCRDOQ has those in the know call it). Mittelbrun and the team emerged as the victors in the regional tournament and further traveled to Arlington, Texas for nationals.

However, as exciting as 2022 was for Mittelbrun, Spring 2023 be even more eventful. He will compete in four separate tournaments for Boise State. These tournaments include NACE, NECC, Mountain West, and most importantly CVAL. CVAL is the offical collegiate tournament for Valorant supported by the games developer Riot, similar to the officially supported CRL in Rocket League.

Mittelbrun highlighted the team preparation for the current season in an interview.

“We’ve been scrimming, playing a lot of ranked matches, getting our mechanics up to par,” said Mittelbrun.

Altogether, having a great performance in CVAL would be a highlight of Mittelbrun’s current career playing Valorant. Boise State will have their next chance to compete in CVAL this March.

Written by Jacob Palmer