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Production assistant Joanie Paraiso graduates from Boise State

For the past few years. Joanie Paraiso was one of the most common sights around the Esports arena. Paraiso served as a member of the esports production team. She often worked as Technical Director for Boise State Esports and operated the many stream cotrols during broadcasts. However, that is now no longer the case. Paraiso is graduating from Boise State with a degree in Integrated Media and Strategic Communication.

Joannie Paraiso’s offical staff picture during her time at Boise State. (Photo credit Priscilla Grover)
Time in Program

Paraiso joined the program in 2022.  During her time with Esports, she also worked in University Television Production (UTP). She joined the program as an avid League of Legends player and could talk up a storm about the current meta with other League players. As her time with the program went on, she branched out into playing Valorant also.

One the events Boise State hosted that had the most impact on Paraiso was the Spring 2023 CECC West Regional. Many esports teams from across the western US traveled to the Boise State Esports arena for a chance to travel to the tournament’s national championships. Hundreds of people packed the arena and cheered enthusiasticly for their team over the two days of the regional.

“I enjoy the live event environment. The CECC event definitely made me love doing the live events,” said Paraiso in an interview. “I dont know where specifically I want to go into live events, but I am still figuring it out.”

Future Plans

Paraiso originally comes from Saipan, part of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). News of her and five other CNMI student’s graudation was made headlines in local news. In the near term, Paraiso is staying in Boise to look for job oportunies in broadcasting.

“I would love to keep doing events here in Boise at the moment, but hopefully branch out to other states eventually,” said Paraiso. “Right now I am still trying to find my footing around town and making some connections.”

Out of all the experiences Paraiso had during her college experience, her time with Esports and UTP stood out the most.

“My favorite memories are definitely running back and forth from the studios on campus and then biking back to the esports arena, said Parasio. “That sense of working in different studio environments and being with the people such as Nathan Snyder, Doc, and my friends in esports and UTP were the best times I had in Boise State,”

Written by Jacob Palmer