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PRESS RELEASE: Little Rock senior signs on with Boise State to pursue collegiate and pro competition at the same time

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May 7, 2023 – Boise, Idaho

Little Rock senior signs on with Boise State to pursue collegiate and pro competition at the same time

BOISE, IDAHO – Cannon Miller, an 18-year-old high school senior from Little Rock, Arkansas is signing on with Boise State University’s Esports program. Miller, (known by his gamertag “Stryder”) announced his singing early March 2024. Miller is considered to be one of the most talented professional Overwatch players in his age group, and has already competed in various pro leagues, including Overwatch developer Blizzard’s official Overwatch Contender’s league. Miller’s signing with Boise State marks one of the most valuable new esports players the university has managed to land.

Miller has played Overwatch since 2020, and has already won thousands of dollars by competing as a teen in various professional tournaments. He currently plans to compete in Blizzard’s Overwatch Championship Series (OWCS) and Boise State’s varsity team at the same time. Unlike traditional sports, esports players can compete in collegiate and pro leagues at the same time.

Crowds of students from Little Rock Christian Academy gather for Miller’s signing ceremony. (Photo credit Tim Miller)



cannon miller achivements poster
A poster listing all of Cannon Miller’s Overwtach achivements. (Photo credit Tim Miller)

In an interview with Boise State Esports, Miller explained his past and future plans with Overwatch.

“I steadily climbed [through the game] until I became connected with the path to pro scene through…SCL33 who was the tank for Northeastern University. From there I began competing in Overwatch open division in late 2020 and haven’t stopped since,” said Miller. “I plan to continue playing in OWCS while playing in collegiate. I’m very excited for the future of the pro scene.”

Boise State University’s Esports team isn’t just known for its competitive ability, but also for its high quality esports facilities and production capabilities. That, coupled with the program’s positive, supportive, and inclusive atmosphere led Miller to choose Boise State over other universities such as Maryville or Mizzou.

“I chose Boise State because of the players/culture,” said Miller. “I also joined because of the beautiful campus and esports facility. They both easily stood as being the best.”


Boise State Esports head coach, Dr. Chris Haskell, expressed great excitement at landing Miller as a new recruit.

“Stryder is unequivocally one of the best Contender’s tanks in the past three years,” said Haskell. “Now that he is ready for college, we will find out if college is ready for him. He’s gonna change the game.”

Dr. Chris Haskell and Dr. Brett Shelton founded Boise State Esports in 2017. Dr. Haskell currently serves as the program’s head coach while Dr. Shelton teaches academic classes related to esports. Under Dr. Haskell’s leadership, the program has received multiple prestigious awards including being named collegiate program of the year at the 2022 Tempest Awards and being named Institution of the Year at the 2023 Scholars Awards.

cannon miller signing photo
Cannon Miller sits ready to sign on with Boise State. (Photo credit Tim Miller)

Media Contact: Jacob Palmer, Esports Information Director, Boise State University, (208) 995-3141,

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