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State High School Esports Championships a Big Hit in Boise

Friday, May 10th, and Saturday, May 11th, were some of the busiest days in the Boise State Esports Arena’s history. High school teams from all across the state packed into the arena to compete in the Idaho Esports State Championships. Students competed in a total of five games for the event: Smash Bros, Overwatch, Valorant, Rocket League, and Apex Legends. Hundreds of people, including players, families, and friends, filled the arena to capacity over the two days of competition.

Students arrived from all regions of Idaho. Teams came from as far north as Sandpoint and as far east as Idaho Falls.  Eight of the state’s top teams competed per game. Games played simutaniously on the arena stage, in varsity competition rooms, and all across the Boise State Esports Battleground. Almost all of the arena’s 80+ computers were in use for both days of play, and the arena was often limited to standing room only.

A photo of live game of Smash Bros at the Boise State Esports Arena
Photo credit: Veronica Roper.
esports players compete in the Boise State Esports Battleground
Photo credit Veronica Roper

Rigby won the gold medal in Rocket League, while Meridian Tech placed 1st in Overwatch. Bishop Kelly took home the gold for Valorant, Boise High won Smash Bros, and Vallivue placed 1st in Apex.

Not only were the size of the crowds overwhelming for many competing, but the sheer length of the event also tested players abilities. Teams played for over 8 hours on Friday, and a whopping 12+ hours on Saturday! Livestreams of both days of competition are archived on Boise State Esports’ Youtube page.

Overall, the event was a highlight of the Spring 2024 semester. The excitement and adrenaline from the high school championships will definitely have many high school players wanting to return to the arena next year.

Written by Jacob Palmer.