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Valorant team wins Mountain West Title

The team members of the Boise State Valorant squad can expect to receive new championship rings in the near future. On April 12, Boise State fought New Mexico in the Mountain West Valorant championships, and won the match with a clean sweep. The victory came right after the Boise State Overwatch team won their championship match, making the night a perfect one for Bronco fans.

mountain west championship 2024 photo
Boise State competes onstage for the Mountain West 2024 championships. (Photo credit Doc Haskell)

Boise State has traditionally had a strong presence in the Mountain West Division, consistantly winning titles in Rocket League, Overwatch, and Valorant. This record always puts high expections on the current year’s varsity team. For the 2024 championships, Boise State first fought New Mexico on Icebox, and won the first round 13-6. Things became a bit more competative during the second round on Bind. Boise State won that round, but by a closer margin of 13-8. Nevertheless, Boise State scored a clear and decisive victory that, along with the Overwatch team’s win, secured the school’s position as the kings of the Mountain West Division.

The Valorant team still has a little ways to go before they finish the spring semester. They are scheduld to fly out to Arlington TX for the 2024 CECC championship. Those interested in viewing the Bronco’s Mountain West championship matches can find them on Boise State Esports Youtube page.

Written by Jacob Palmer.