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Electronic Design Automation for Next-Generation In-Memory Computing Systems

February 5 @ 9:00 am - 9:50 am

Join us at 9 AM in RUCH 103 for a presentation from ECE Faculty Candidate Muhammad Rashed.

The exponential growth in digital data has powered the emergence of data-driven applications. These applications have incredibly high computing demands that exceed the capabilities of today’s high-performance computing systems. To address the pressing challenge of computational scalability and efficiency, new computing paradigms are being explored. One promising solution to this computational challenge is to perform in-memory computation using emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) devices. This approach enables energy efficient execution of computationally expensive operations and promises substantial improvements in throughput. However, the NVM technology is still in its infancy stage. To fully unleash the promises of in-memory computation systems, we need novel electronic design automation (EDA) based solutions tailored to data-intensive applications. In this talk, I will discuss the role EDA can play to close the application-to-devices gap in the in-memory computational stack.

Speaker Bio
Muhammad Rashed is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida. His research interests include EDA/CAD for emerging computing paradigms, artificial intelligence, and computer architecture. Rashed has published his research findings in flagship electronic design automation and computer architecture venues such as TCAD, DAC, MICRO, ICCAD and DATE. Rashed has received a nomination for IEEE/ACM William J. McCalla Best Paper Award at ICCAD 2022.