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Service Providers


Our campus partners offer a wide range of support services. Use the information below as a guide when thinking about the different aspects of your event, and to find out information on how to go about working with them to make sure things run smoothly. Here you’ll find best practices, deadlines for securing support, and who to contact with questions.



Safety and Security

The safety of your guests is paramount to success

Parking and Shuttles

Lots of options, if planned in advance

Catering and Dining

Food and beverage options can make or break it

Audio Visual and Technical

Who to turn to when you need to be heard

Printing and Signage

Wayfinding and signage will guide the way

Facilities and Operations

Moving, mowing, and waste management

Filming and Photography

Smile! We’ve got you covered with standard guidelines

Promotions and Marketing

We can help spread the word