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Graduate Defense: Gina Frank

November 16, 2023 @ 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Dissertation Defense

Dissertation Information

Title: Factors Influencing Military Instructor Technology Self-Efficacy

Program: Doctor of Education in Educational Technology

Advisor: Dr. Jesús H. Trespalacios, Educational Technology

Committee Members: Dr. Patrick Lowenthal, Educational Technology; and Dr. Chareen Snelson, Educational Technology


Technological self-efficacy is considered the dominant determinant of the intention to use technology to achieve learning outcomes. Many researchers in the K-12 environment have utilized self-efficacy theory, and the factors influencing it, to aid teachers in integrating technology into their classrooms, yet similar research has not been conducted on military instructors. This sequential, explanatory mixed methods study sought to identify specific factors affecting military instructors’ levels of technology self-efficacy. The study was conducted on military instructors at a base in the southern United States and used the Computer Technology Integration Survey and semi-structured interview questions to find answers to three research questions: What are the technology self-efficacy levels of military instructors? What factors affect military instructors’ levels of technology self-efficacy? How do the themes identified in the interviews help to explain the military instructors’ levels of technology self-efficacy as identified through the survey? A total of 60 instructors completed the survey, and twelve instructors participated in the semi-structured interviews, resulting in three themes: philosophy, barriers, and confidence. The results aligned with research regarding self-efficacy levels in Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory. The implications of the findings include possibilities for aligning other research regarding technology self-efficacy in K-12 teachers to further research on military instructors. The results of the study should aid in the restructuring of professional development opportunities to allow military instructors the opportunity to learn about technology integration.