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Graduate Defense: Jilane Richardson

May 8 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Dissertation Defense

Dissertation Information

Title: A Nudge In The Right Direction: Nudging College Students In A Flipped Class To Become More Self-Regulatory

Program: Doctor of Education in Educational Technology

Advisor: Dr. Yu-hui Ching, Educational Technology

Committee Members: Dr. Patrick Lowenthal, Educational Technology and Dr. Chareen Snelson, Educational Technology


This dissertation presents a multiple-case study investigating the influence of using nudges to encourage students to complete coursework in a timely manner in flipped classroom settings. Using two sections of the same course, the study explored the effectiveness of reminder and self-regulation nudges in promoting on-time completion of assignments among undergraduate college students. The research questions addressed the influence of reminder nudges on coursework completion and the efficacy of self-regulation nudges in encouraging timely completion behaviors. Findings revealed that while reminder nudges initially encouraged accountability and on-time coursework submission rates, students experienced nudge fatigue over time. Self-regulation nudges prompted students to engage in coursework planning strategies but students faced challenges with sustaining influence and experiencing nudge fatigue. Discussions emphasized the importance of personalized nudges, varied messaging, and timeliness to maximize their impact. Recommendations for practice include tailoring nudges to student needs, providing advanced notice for assignment deadlines, and including self-regulation strategies within nudges to support students’ academic success.