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Our Core Values and Beliefs

  • Education is empowering, and we embrace the State Board of Education’s charge to ensure access and opportunities for individuals to continue their education regardless of their location, age and job responsibilities.
  • Through dynamic partnerships we span boundaries, extending university programs to new locations and audiences as well as introducing innovative practices, business models and technologies to campus.
  • We uphold the University’s Shared Values (academic excellence, caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness) as well as those principles vital to educational outreach – being enterprising, responsive and agile.

Extended Studies Priorities, 2018-2023

To move forward as a Division and advance important initiatives, we identify the following broad priorities to pursue between FY2018-23. Each area within Extended Studies will annually develop specific action plans with metrics and timelines to advance these priorities.

  • Extend access to the University’s academic programs
  • Span boundaries through exemplary partnerships
  • Deliver a continuum of educational programs that keeps people connected to the University throughout their lifetime
  • Position our employees for success