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Enrollment Impacts On Aid

The number of credits you’re enrolled in affects your financial aid eligibility. Finalize your class schedule at least 12 days before each semester begins so you know exactly what your award will be.

Minimum Credits for Aid

You need to be enrolled at least half-time to receive federal loans. If you’re enrolled less than that, you begin your grace period and repayment of your student loans.

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Financial Aid-Eligible Credits

Your financial aid eligibility depends on your specific credits of enrollment, including whether your classes are required for your degree, whether you are repeating any courses, and the date you enroll in your courses.

Dropping or Withdrawing

After your financial aid has been released, dropping or withdrawing from courses can have short-term and long-term impacts on your financial aid.

Attending another Idaho public college or university

If you are enrolled at Boise State and also taking classes at another Idaho public college or university, you can submit a consortium agreement to request your credits combined for financial aid purposes.

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Graduating in Fall or Summer

If you are graduating in December with an undergraduate degree, you can expect your loans to be pro-rated according to your fall semester enrollment.

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