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Receive Your Aid

You can avoid delays in receiving and accepting your aid by understanding what you need to do in the financial aid process.

Receive Your Aid

Follow these steps to ensure that you receive your financial aid.

1. Check Your Aid Status

View your to-do items and holds

2. Accept or Decline Your Aid

How to accept, decline or reduce your aid

3. Receive Your Aid

View your disbursement status

Impacts on Aid

Your financial aid depends on many factors, and can increase or decrease even after you receive your aid for the semester. Explore the links below to understand what may impact your aid.

Student Aid Index (SAI)

SAI helps determine your aid eligibility and award amount.


If you are enrolled less than full-time or if your classes are ineligible for financial aid, your aid may reduce accordingly.


Learn more about the verification process.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid, you must meet SAP standards each semester.

Changes in Finances

Changes in you or your family's financial circumstance may impact your aid.

Limits on Federal Aid

There are limits on the amounts of some types of aid that you may receive in a given year.

Financial Aid Forms

Click the following button to access forms may have been requested by our office. To avoid delaying your aid processing, only submit the form(s) that have been requested via your Student Center or BroncoMail. Make sure you submit forms for the correct year in which you have applied for financial aid.

Financial Aid Forms

Cost and Budgeting

Investing in your education is a big step and the decisions you make now will impact your future finances.  Explore the quick links below to help you learn about the average cost of attendance, estimated aid amounts, and how to borrow responsibly and plan ahead for repayment.

More information about cost and budgeting

Cost of Attendance

You can receive financial aid up to the average estimated expenses for your cost of attendance.

Bottom Line Estimator

Use this tool to calculate if you will owe money or will receive a refund after receiving your federal aid for the semester.

Net Price Calculator

This tool gives you an estimate of potential aid based on the median amount of aid received for similar students.

Loan Repayment

Understanding your options for repaying your loans will save you time, money and stress.

Studying Abroad?

You may be able to receive financial aid while studying abroad.

Learn more about receiving aid while abroad