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IRS Tax Transcript: How To Request

If you and/or your parents filed taxes, you may need a submit a signed copy of your tax return. If you do not have a personal copy of your tax return (this includes form 1040 and accompanying schedules) to access, you can request a “Tax Return Transcript” (TRT) from the IRS.

Request Online for Immediate Download

While this is the quickest method to obtain your Tax Return Transcript, security verification is more rigorous. You must have a bank account, credit card, etc. to verify as well as a cell phone account in your name.

  1. Visit the IRS Get Transcript website
  2. Select “Get Transcript Online”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify personal information, email, financial accounts/credit card number and mobile phone number
  4. Proceed to request “Tax Return Transcript” for proper tax year
  5. Download and save or print to fax/email to the Financial Aid Office

Request Online to Receive by Mail

  1. Visit the IRS Get Transcript website
  2. If requesting by mail, select “Get Transcript by Mail”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter name, date of birth, and Social Security Number
  4. Enter your address used for your tax return. Please note the IRS uses the United States Postal Service (USPS) version of your address.
    1.  You may need to exclude punctuation (no period after abbreviations, no #) in your address
    2. You may need to abbreviate (Apt rather than Apartment or St rather than Street)
    3. For joint returns, use the primary tax filer’s SSN, date of birth, address and zip code
  5. When your address is verified, select the tax year* and Tax Return Transcript to request

Request by Phone or In-Person

If you experience issues with the online Tax Return Transcript request, you may try the automated phone transcript service at 1-800-908-9946 to receive the transcript via mail. Please allow 5-10 days for delivery.

If you experience further issues, you can request an appointment with the IRS in-person by calling 1-844-545-5640 to schedule in Boise or look up your location on the IRS website.