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Terms and Conditions

When you accept your financial aid, you agree to the following:

  • I agree to use myBoiseState to accept/decline my aid electronically. I understand I can contact the Financial Aid Office regarding alternative methods of communication; and that I can rescind my permission at any time by contacting the Financial Aid Office.
  • I understand I can receive aid from only one school each term. Accepting Boise State financial aid means I am not receiving aid for attendance at any other school for that same time period.
  • I have read and I understand the requirements and the policies applying to financial aid as stated on this award notice and in the Boise State Financial Aid Handbook.
  • I understand that I must report any additional financial assistance missing on my award notice, such as scholarships, vocational rehabilitation funds, graduate assistant fee waivers, fellowships and employer tuition assistance. I understand that my aid may be adjusted if additional aid exceeds my demonstrated financial need or my cost of attendance.
  • I understand that:
    • once I enroll in classes I am responsible for canceling my registration if I choose not to attend Boise State
    • I will be responsible for any charges made to my account if I fail to cancel my registration
    • if I completely withdraw from the term, I may be required to repay all, or a portion, of the aid disbursed to my account. See the Complete Withdrawal Policy.
    • if I drop below half-time enrollment (6 undergraduate credits or 5 graduate student credits) during the refund period and have Direct Loan, any refund may be returned to the  Direct Loan Servicer; the Direct Loan Servicer will be notified of my less than half-time student status.
  • I understand that my Cost of Attendance will be:
    • used to determine the amounts and types of financial aid I am eligible to receive and that my financial aid may be reduced when my Cost of Attendance is adjusted
    • based on the assumption of full-time enrollment in financial aid-eligible credits
    • based on the assumption of enrollment for the full length of the term
    • reduced prior to the first disbursement of financial aid for the term if my enrollment is less than full-time
    • reduced if my enrollment is shorter than the full term
    • adjusted based on my enrollment on the Financial Aid Census date and in each of the situations described below for Pell Grant recalculations
  • I understand that my Pell Grant will be recalculated:
    • based on the number of financial aid eligible credits for which I am enrolled as of the 10th class day of fall/spring term, and the published Financial Aid Census date for summer term
    • when I add or drop classes after aid disburses and prior to the Financial Aid Census Date
    • if I withdraw or receive an “F” and my professor is unable to document my attendance and participation in academic-related activities;
      • when I drop a class or workshop before it starts or
      • if I completely withdraw from the term
  • I understand that recalculations of my financial aid may cause a balance due on myBoiseState account, and that I am responsible for reviewing myBoiseState account to see if I owe a repayment of a Pell Grant or other financial aid.
  • I understand that all loans received at Boise State University will be reported to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). This secure information will be accessible to guaranty agencies, eligible lenders, and eligible institutions of higher education determined by the U.S. Department of Education to be authorized users of the data system.
  • I certify that I will enroll in the term following a break if I am working and earning work-study funds during a class break.
  • I understand that if I accept a Boise State Scholarship, relevant information may be released to the Boise State University Foundation, scholarship donors, and/or the news media.