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Loan Counseling

Loan counseling will help you understand the basics of student loans, repayment, and responsible borrowing.

First-time borrowers:

First-time borrowers must complete loan entrance counseling in order to receive loan funding. If you’ve never received a subsidized/unsubsidized loan or graduate PLUS loan, follow these steps. The tutorial takes about 30 minutes to complete.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in using your FSA ID
  3. Under the “I’m in school” drop down in My Checklists, select “Complete Entrance Counseling”
  4. Click “Start” next to Entrance Counseling
  5. Under “Add School to Notify,” select Boise State University
  6. Click “Continue” to begin the tutorial and complete all pages
  7. If you haven’t already done so, complete your Master Promissory Note (MPN). Return to the “I’m in school” drop down (Step 3) to select.

Complete your loan entrance counseling when you accept your loans, prior to the start of the semester. Boise State is notified within 2-3 days of your successful loan entrance counseling. You can check your Student Center To Do list to make sure the “Loan Counseling” item clears.

Your Master Promissory Note (MPN) is your agreement to repay your loans. It contains the terms and conditions of your loans. You’ll sign it electronically before you can receive loan funding.

When you graduate, withdraw, or are enrolled less than half-time:

You will need to complete Loan Exit Counseling. You will be notified via when it’s time to complete your exit counseling.

The exit counseling tutorial allows you to set up your repayment plan and estimate payment amounts. We strongly encourage you to complete loan exit counseling even if you plan to return back to school. You’ll learn valuable information about repayment, your current balances, and how to manage your current and future loans.

Federal regulations require that we notify you about Exit Counseling if you received loans at Boise State anytime in the past. We send you a notice when you enroll less than half-time or withdraw. If you have paid your loans in full or already completed exit counseling, disregard the messages. You’ll still be eligible to receive transcripts, enroll in classes, etc.