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Printmaking Collections in the Student Union

Natalia Mironenko, Winter, etching and aquatint, 1991

Art Mom Collection

Art Moms, a program founded by Nan Rick around 1986 to supplement art education opportunities for children in Idaho schools began as a true grass-roots organization. No one knows exactly how many parents were working at how many schools at the time, but the program now reaches all corners of the state, from Parma to Pocatello, Sun Valley to Boise, Meridian and North Idaho.

The intent of the program is to get parents into their children’s schools; once involved in the classroom, they typically become involved in other activities for the school’s well being. Rick’s program develops a sense of responsibility and  ownership in the schools in which parents assist with volunteer services.

In Rick’s program, children are taught that art is one of the few non-judgmental areas in education – that all kids are equal and have an opportunity to succeed in art. They also learn problem-solving skills and how to approach problems from different angles.

The “Art Mom” Collection at the Boise State Student Union began in 1995 with a donation of a large-scale triptych titled Haunts by famed artist Fay Jones. Since then, the collection has expanded to include a large selection of prints from eastern Europe.

To see the Art Mom Collection, please visit the second floor of the Student Union Building, near the Berquist Room.

Benjamin Love, Listen Softly, etching, 2008

Northwest Narratives Portfolio

The Northwest Narratives print exchange portfolio contains the work of twenty northwest artists, and demonstrates a range of understanding in visual narration. The 20 invited artists represent four Northwestern States: Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Montana. The artists were asked to create an edition of 25 works that reflected on their ideas surrounding visual narration. As a body of work, the prints demonstrate a wide scope of possible methods used by artists to create a narrative. The diverse subject matter and ranges of printmaking processes used in the work illustrate a vibrant and inclusive understanding of narration. Each artist received a portfolio containing the work of all of the other participating artists.

Three portfolios have been accessioned by the following institutions: The Museum of Art at Washington State University, Pullman, Washington; The Missoula Art Museum, Missoula, Montana; and Boise Art Museum, Boise, Idaho.

To see the Northwest Narratives Portfolio, please visit the third floor of the Student Union Building, behind the Lookout Room.

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