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Bronco Gap Year

Boise State invented a new kind of educational experience, just for you.


A “gap year” is all about taking time. Some people take a year before starting college, others take a pause during their college experience. The Bronco Gap Year provides valuable time for you to save money, focus your interests, and start or restart your college experience with a strong sense of purpose.




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The Bronco Gap Year program lets you explore your interests, while gaining Boise State elective credit. You can experience Bronco Gap Year from anywhere. That means, you don’t have to leave your community to join ours.

Bridge vs Leap

What Kind of Gap Year Are You Taking?

The first step in your Gap Year journey is to answer the question: Are you a Bridge student or a Leap student?

Bridge students are taking a gap year before starting college. Leap students are taking a pause during college. Click below to learn more.


Before Starting College


Pause During College
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