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Bronco Gap Year

In this unique moment, Boise State invented a new kind of educational experience for you.


A “gap year” is all about taking time. Some people take a year before starting college, others take a pause during their college experience. The Bronco Gap Year provides valuable time for you to save money, focus your interests, and start/restart your college experience with a stronger sense of purpose.



Friendship Bridge

Whether you’re a first-time college student or someone just not ready to go back, the Bronco Gap Year will let you explore your priorities and your passions, while gaining Boise State credit.

You can experience the Bronco Gap Year from anywhere. That means, you don’t have to leave your community to join ours.

Bronco Gap Year is a new program available to students who just aren’t ready to start college right now. We see you. We get you. And we designed this experience for you.

Boise State alumna, Grace Slaugther, explains the power of a guided gap year experience

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