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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Bronco Gap Year the same as just taking a break from school? In other words... Do I have to enroll in this program if I'm taking a break?

A. No. Bronco Gap Year is an optional academic program at Boise State that allows you to earn elective credit while you hit the reset button on your academic journey. When you participate in Bronco Gap Year, you are not enrolled in classes at Boise State. Instead, you pay a program fee (flat rate of $750 per semester) and we guide you through a step-by-step process for focusing your interests and earning credit.

If this sounds interesting to you, let’s talk! If you simply want to take a break from classes at Boise State, you can. You’re not required to do this program. Contact your academic advisor and the financial aid office to learn about how taking a break might impact your financial aid or your academic future at Boise State.

Q: I can't pay the full program fee. Are there options?

A: We offer a few need-based scholarships each semester. Apply on our scholarship page or give us a call to learn more. Call (208) 426-2663 or email us at

We also have a payment plan available when needed. The payment plan requires three payments of $250 each semester and there are strict deadlines and late fees associated with missed payments. The first payment will be due before the semester begins and you’ll pay through our payment portal. The remaining four payments will be due each month throughout the semester via your Boise State Student Center. Contact us to learn more.

Q: How much time should I expect to spend on Bronco Gap Year?

A. It depends. If you are not interested in credits, then it’s entirely up to you how much time you spend on gap year activities. You can work with your faculty Guide to customize your experience.

Q: I missed the start date! Can I still join you?

A. It depends. If you are not interested in credits, then it’s entirely up to you how much time you spend on gap year activities. You can work with your faculty Guide to customize your experience.

Q: How do I choose between the 1-semester and 2-semester experiences?

A: Call us, we’ll help. It really depends on your goals. Maybe you want to pause from taking classes and then return to campus the following semester with a clear plan. Or maybe you want to spend all year discovering your interests and exploring your options. We can help you think through which option will be the best fit.

Q: How can I learn more about Coursera?

A: You can start learning about the Coursera platform by visiting their website. Once you enroll in the Bronco Gap Year program, we help you figure out how to most effectively navigate Coursera in order to reach your goals and we have recommendations for where to start. While we recommend classes to start with, you have full use of the entire Coursera catalog!

Q: How might taking a gap year impact loan repayment?

A. Loan repayment begins 6 months after not being registered for classes. For current students who have loans, the 1 semester option might be best. If you participate in the BGY program for an academic year, or withdraw from classes for more than 6 months, then repayment begins and you will lose the repayment grace period forever on those existing loans even after re-registering for classes. If you participate in the semester-long program, you will be within the grace period, which will refresh once you register for classes.

Q: Am I still eligible for student housing?

A. Unfortunately, to qualify for student housing, you need to be currently registered for 12 or more credits at Boise State. Participating in the Bronco Gap Year program means that you are not eligible for student housing.

Can I get college credit from participating in Bronco Gap Year?

A. There is optional credit available through active participation in the BGY program. This is issued through Boise State and issued on the tenth day of the following semester.  Once enrolling in the program, you will be assigned a program advisor who will review specific requirements and steps with you about how to receive credit.