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Boise State University offers a minor degree in Gender Studies. The Gender Studies Program is a multi-disciplinary program, designed to encourage critical examination of assumptions about women and men, historically and in contemporary society.

The Gender Studies faculty and advisory board are committed to providing an educational experience that includes a balanced view of the intersection of gender, class and race issues. The minor is open to all Boise State students, regardless of their academic major.

The minor requires completion of 21 credit hours, including:

  • GENDER 300 Introduction to Gender Studies
  • GENDER 301 Feminist Theory
  • GENDER 302 Research Methods and Perspectives

And 12 credit hours of approved gender-related electives, including (but not limited to) courses such as

  • Gender, Science and Technology
  • Sex, Drugs, Mental Health Issues, and Gender
  • Women Writers
  • Diversity in Public Service
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Gendered Violence
  • Women in Poverty: Homelessness and Welfare Reform
  • History of Marriage and the Family
  • Modern Feminism
  • Saints and Sinners: Women in Christianity
  • Women, Sport and Culture