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The Contract Handbook (the “Handbook”) is for use by University officials when reviewing, negotiating, and executing University Contracts. Every University official negotiating or executing a University Contract should be familiar with this Handbook and all applicable University policies and procedures.

All University Contracts are governed by State and federal laws and Boise State University Policies, specifically Policy #6030 “Contractual Agreements.” A current draft of Policy #6030 is included as Appendix A in the Handbook and is for use only in connection with this Program. This Proposed Policy has been prepared for and governs this Program.

Only University officials that have specifically delegated authority from the Vice President of Finance & Administration may sign contracts obligating the University*. The authority to negotiate contracts in accordance with this Handbook does not grant signature authority on any University Official that has not otherwise been granted signature authority.
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* Only those specifically authorized by Office of General Counsel and CFO/VP of Finance and Administration may participate in and negotiate contracts.