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8. Conduct and Appeals Processes

8.1 University Conduct Process

Any member of the Boise State University community—students, faculty, staff or student organization—may report any student organization for alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. In addition, the university may initiate charges against a student when there is no other individual to act as complainant. Charges will be prepared in writing and directed to the Office of the Dean of Students for processing. Any allegation should be submitted as soon as possible after the event takes place.

The Student Code of Conduct applies to all student organizations as well as to individual students. If an organization violates the Student Code of Conduct, the individual students involved also assume responsibility for the organization’s actions, recognizing that organizations cannot exist or act without the cooperation of individual members.

Per University Policy #2020, Student Code of Conduct Section 4/R, defines a violation of “Group Offenses” as the following:

A Group Offense violation may include, but is not limited to, actions by any Student Group, organization, society, club, or similarly organized group, and the coordinated actions of three or more people, whether or not those people belong to a formally recognized group, that result in one or more violations of policy or law. Repeated individual violations of the Student Code of Conduct may constitute a group offense if there is a nexus between the behavior and an activity or location in control of the group (for example, multiple alcohol or drug-related medical transports from, or arrests made at, a group-controlled property or as a consequence of a group-sponsored event over the course of a semester).

8.2 Student Organization Appeals Process

To appeal a responsible finding regarding University Student Code of Conduct violations, please refer to Section 9 of Policy #2020. Student organizations recognized by the university also have the right to appeal any of the following decisions made by Student Involvement or Boise State University regarding violations of the student organization handbook. 

  • Status change from Active to Temporarily Inactive
  • Loss of recognition 
  • Denial of recognition for a new student organization
  • Denial of an event registration
  • Denial of a Student Involvement form submission
  • Advisor not approved or removed
  • Constitution revisions denied

An appeal of any of the above listed decisions made by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center or Boise State University can be made by submitting a concise written statement (3-5 pages maximum) to no later than ten (10) University business days after the date printed on the decision letter. It is the organization’s responsibility to ensure that the appeal is received by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center by the specified due date. Any exceptions to the appeal deadline are at the sole discretion of the Student Involvement Director or Associate Director.

Upon receipt, the submission will be forwarded to the appropriate administrator(s) for review. The administrator(s) will review both the appeal and the evidence to support the original decision and determine whether or not to uphold or amend the original decision. The final decision will be sent via email to the student organization leaders and advisor(s).