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GIMM senior hosts his own radio show and pursues a career in game development

Preston Valles
Preston Valles

Preston Valles grew up in Tucson, Arizona. He is a Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology (GIMM) major, with a certificate in User Experience Design (UX), graduating in Spring 2023. 

Valles didn’t know what he wanted to pursue as a career, but knew that he enjoyed video games and wanted to build upon his computer skills. In 2018, Valles attended Bronco Day and met Professor Anthony Ellertson, the Director and Clinical Professor of GIMM, who talked to him about the GIMM program and encouraged him to attend Boise State. Valles knew then that the GIMM program was where he was meant to be.

Throughout his four years at Boise State, Valles has enjoyed the close and connected community and the feeling of being involved on campus, in his classes and extracurricular activities. Valles mentioned that one of the things he has enjoyed most about being a GIMM major was seeing others who are as motivated and passionate about creating, programming and design as he is. He has received an immense amount of support from other students and his professors. To students starting out in the GIMM program, Valles said, “Be confident in your interests and skills. Go into GIMM with some defined interest and focus on what you want to pursue.”

In addition to his participation in the GIMM program, Valles also hosts his own radio show, The Boise Scoop, via University Pulse Radio, which he started in Fall 2019. In The Boise Scoop, Valles brings in local guest artists and interviews them about their music. Valles has been the General Manager of University Pulse Radio since April 2021.

Outside of his studies, Valles enjoys playing single player, story-driven games, such as the Legend of Zelda. He also loves listening to music, music production, photography and videography. Recently, Valles was chosen to be on the Select Photo Team for Treefort Music Fest.

Throughout his college experience, Valles has gained skills using industry-standard programs, such as Unity and Adobe Creative suite. He has also had the opportunity to learn coding languages, such as C#, web development and design, communication skills, problem solving and being open to new ideas.

Following his graduation this spring, Valles plans to stay in Boise, Idaho. He is most interested in pursuing a career in the game design and creation process and is hoping to be involved in the development or user experience design aspects. As a hobby, Valles hopes to get involved with Radio Boise or other local community radio stations. View his portfolio here.

The GIMM Senior Showcase is coming up on April 12th, 3:00 – 6:00 pm, on the first floor of the Albertsons Library. All are welcome to attend!