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GIMM senior has a passion for telling untold stories through game design

Jasmine Reyes
Jasmine Reyes

Jasmine Reyes grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho. After graduating high school, Reyes knew she wanted to pursue game development and design. After researching several of the top game development programs in the country, Reyes decided to go to Boise State because of the GIMM program. Reyes is graduating this spring with a Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology (GIMM) major and an Information Technology Management minor.

Reyes has really enjoyed the community in the GIMM program. She loves to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures and appreciates the diversity she has found at Boise State. In the GIMM program, Reyes feels that everyone is a part of a big family and that she can ask for help or support when she needs it.

In addition to being part of GIMM, Reyes is also part of the GIMM Dev Team. The GIMM Dev Team is a group of students that is hired by clients that get paid for the projects they work on. Reyes works as a general artist with an emphasis on 3D model and 2D asset creation. Recently, the GIMM Dev Team worked to develop a virtual reality (VR) simulation for the Ada County Highway Department that simulates the Eagle Road roundabout. 

Reyes has been on the Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) Inclusive Excellence Student Council for three years. The Inclusive Excellence Student Council helps organizations on campus get involved with ASBSU. Reyes helps out by creating flyers and social media posts to promote upcoming events. 

During her time at Boise State, Reyes has also shown that she knows how to get work done and have fun. She is currently President of the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and loves to get a good sweat in. In her spare time, Reyes also enjoys singing, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, playing video games (such as Dragon Age), and anything artistic (drawing, painting, chalk pastels, modeling and bleaching t-shirts). 

To students starting college, Reyes said, “You are not as alone as you think you are. There is a community of resources and people there to help you grow and succeed.” Reyes also shared that during her time at Boise State, she has learned that failure is a good thing. “You will fail and fail often. The key is to have the perseverance to get up, keep going and keep trying.”

Following her graduation, Reyes wants to go into 3D game design modeling and character concept creation. She is also interested in traveling and potentially working abroad. Reyes has a passion for using her creativity to tell untold stories through game design.

The GIMM Senior Showcase is coming up on April 12th, at 3:00 – 6:00 pm, on the first floor of the Albertsons Library. This is a great opportunity for GIMM seniors to showcase their portfolio after four years in the GIMM program.

At the GIMM Senior Showcase, Reyes plans to feature her virtual reality (VR) game, called Retale. In Retale, the player goes through different classic fairytale stories and is able to make choices. Retale includes a version of Cinderella and other classic myths and legends from different cultures. She also plans to showcase several 3D models she has made and the user interface (UI) design she made for the app, Beam Tours.