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Cybersecurity Partnerships

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Here at Boise State, we pride ourselves on an innovative and transdisciplinary approach to all challenges, and cybersecurity is no different. The Institute engages faculty experts from nearly every discipline to produce holistic solutions and research that serves the needs of a diverse and complex society.

Why Partner with Boise State?

While cybersecurity is a pervasive need, we understand that everyone’s cybersecurity needs and goals are unique. That’s why there are many opportunities to partner with the Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity, and we are proud to offer collaborations tailored to meet the goals of the individual organization.

By collaborating with Boise State, your organization gains three critical elements: expertise, a cyber-ready workforce, and a strategic partner.

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Connect with world-class subject matter experts with research in cybersecurity specializations spanning from the highly technical, to impactful policy support (energy policy, cyber/physical systems, voting systems), and people focused analysis. This provides you with a holistic team able to tackle your needs today, and tomorrow, with pragmatic, applicable results.

Computer Science students Mousume Bhowmick Rachana Acharya Claire Merhar Taylor Roberts Oghenemaro Anuyah Bridgette Milgie Maddie Ross Emmanuel Massaquoi, Allison Corona photo.

Cyber-Ready Workforce

Discover a cyber-ready workforce of student interns (and future employees), ready to reduce the traditional “activation gap” employers often see when employing curriculum-focused students. Boise State provides its students with core cybersecurity knowledge and appropriate competency-based training to be effective for employers on day one.

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Strategic Partner

Gain a strategic partner providing up-to-date, relevant and applicable research, supportive market guidance and feedback on trends, opportunities for technology partnerships and testing, and a support team ready to tackle special research needs or projects.

Partner with Us.