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President's True Blue Endowed Scholarship

The President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship has helped Idaho residents attend college through the True Blue Promise Scholarship since 2016. These current-use funds are awarded to residents for four years, based primarily on financial need and merit. Supporting the President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship will impact more Idaho students, increase Idaho’s “go-on” rates and grow the number of graduates contributing to Idaho’s economy. As a public university, our mission is to serve the people and the state of Idaho. This scholarship will help ensure for generations that great potential of the state is not left unrealized.


Our faculty members are essential drivers of Boise State’s success. They determine the quality of education our students receive. Their innovation drives our research culture. And knowledge they create and disseminate enriches the social, cultural and economic success of our region.

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Your support allows us to continue investing in our students’ future and providing them with new and innovative opportunities. By continuing that incredible support of Boise State Scholarships you help students achieve their dreams.

Your generosity fuels innovation, inspires creativity and learning and provides opportunities for Boise State students that would otherwise not be possible.


Boise State offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and technical programs in nearly 200 fields of interest through its academic colleges. In addition, the university’s Honors College offers a unique and challenging experience for talented, highly motivated students. Or support nonprofit academic research centers and community outreach programs like the Intermountain Bird Observatory who operate under Boise State University.

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Boise State is dedicated to meeting students’ needs while providing them a quality campus experience. With your support, state-of-the-art laboratories, high-tech classrooms and student-centered facilities have transformed the Boise State campus and the student experience.

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