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Meet Blessing Makwera

Blessing Makwera

Blessing Makwera has always shown interest in STEM disciplines. Born in Zimbabwe, his parents describe how he has never grown out of that “curious phase” of tinkering with machinery. Today, Blessing is close to completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Boise State University.

His passion for understanding how things are made also led to a life-changing accident in 2007. At age 14 while designing his own version of a heat engine, he suffered severe facial trauma after a thermal explosion. To receive adequate treatment and rehabilitation after high school, Blessing began researching doctors and engineering programs in the United States, eventually leading to his arrival in Boise.

Within a year of graduating in November 2020, Blessing experienced another tragic accident as he was struck by a car while driving his motorcycle. After two months in the ICU in a coma, with brain swelling, and additional facial surgeries, he is back on track for graduation.

We’re thankful to have Blessing at Boise State. He is continuing his road to recovery, while still pursuing a career that stimulates that curious phase.

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