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Believe in Broncos: Tracy Bicknell-Holmes

Tracy Bicknell-Holmes
Tracy Bicknell-Holmes, Food Pantry, Photo by Hue Herrick

Tracy Bicknell-Holmes, a professor and librarian at Albertsons Library, is a regular food donor to the Campus Food Pantry and donated to help establish the Boise State student community garden. When the pantry opened, she spoke to the American Association of University Women Boise Chapter on student food insecurity. That inspired the group to adopt the pantry as a cause. Bicknell-Holmes coordinated donations from the group in addition to donating personally.

“When I learned that 28% of Boise State students reported being food insecure I was stunned. When I was in college, I tried to eat inexpensively because my budget was tight, but I never went hungry or worried about where my next meal would come from. I never had to dumpster dive behind restaurants for food or skip meals because I didn’t have enough money to eat. Nearly a third of Boise State students are worried about not having food to eat or are going hungry. These students are striving to build a better life for themselves and their families. I feel compelled to support them, even if only a little, by donating and helping stock the food pantry, by talking about food insecurity among college students to anyone who will listen, and by recruiting others to donate. College is hard enough without battling an empty stomach and fatigue because you’re hungry.”

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Believe in Broncos

Through its nearly nine decades of educating students, Boise State has inspired great devotion from those who support the university as donors, volunteers, mentors, and more. #BelieveInBroncos is our way to share their stories.

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