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Meet Madison Sullivan ‘20

Madison Sullivan, a 2020 Boise State Universit

Most pre-medical students aim to begin their competitive medical school applications with enriching research experience, mentorship and professional recommendations. The Ralph R. Jones, MD, FACS Pre-Medical Fellowship looks to provide Boise State University students with all three.

Fellow Madison Sullivan, a 2020 Boise State University graduate, is now preparing to begin her first year at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine this fall. The experiences and opportunities she had in her undergraduate studies, Sullivan said, prepared her for this next academic chapter.

Also a Ralph Jones Fellow, Sullivan applied to the program on a whim and thought it might help her stand out when applying to medical school.

“It gave me a whole new appreciation for all of the work that research scientists do behind the scenes,” Sullivan said. “I was also able to meet new mentors, and friends with similar aspirations as me, which I found extremely helpful when it came time to apply to medical school.”

Sullivan worked in research studying the effects of cold atmospheric-pressure plasma on bacteria growth in chronic wounds. Sullivan helped execute experiments, collect and analyze data and present research at various conferences, all as an undergraduate student.

During the year between graduating and applying to medical school, Sullivan began working in a hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic. While she witnessed first-hand major health care challenges during a historic health crisis, Sullivan said she admired the support physicians offered one another and their patients.

“I think these experiences and the pandemic only strengthened my desire to attend medical school and become a physician,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan’s time at Boise State University helped her feel prepared to take the next step in her medical career because of her mentors and advisors.

“They can provide invaluable advice, and help you stand out as a student when it comes time to apply,” Sullivan said.

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