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Meet Colton Brodock ‘21

Colton Brodock ‘21

Most pre-medical students aim to begin their competitive medical school applications with enriching research experience, mentorship and professional recommendations. The Ralph R. Jones, MD, FACS Pre-Medical Fellowship looks to provide Boise State University students with all three.

Fellow Colton Brodock had always excelled in school — so much so that he knew he wanted to go into a field that required many years of schooling. But when a friend got a severe concussion playing football, it solidified Brodock’s passion to become a physician.

A 2021 Boise State graduate, Brodock had already spent time working in the research setting before applying to the Ralph Jones Fellowship. Brodock enjoyed spending much of his academic career in the lab because of the relationships he fostered with leading researchers in the medical field.

“The fellowship experience was so wonderful because I got to work with mentors who understood who I wanted to be as a pre-medical student and eventually a health professional,” Brodock said.

Brodock worked in research involving antibiotic drug development as part of his fellowship and continued working in that space for nearly three years.

After attempting to graduate, study for medical school entrance exams and apply to medical school all in four years, Brodock said he found himself heading toward immense stress. In an effort to step back while still gaining experience, Brodock took an additional year to study, apply and begin working with a local hospital.

Brodock will begin his medical schooling at the University of Washington School of Medicine in July.

“Engaging in all those experiences and with so many different people — whether or not they taught me something specifically about medical school — they taught me about being a good person who strives to help people,” Brodock said.

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