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The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation: Nearly Five Decades of Student Support

The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation (LMCF) has supported Boise State University students through its scholarship program for nearly five decades. For the LMCF president, Harry Bettis, and his daughters, Janelle Wise and Laura Bettis, their generous scholarship gifts are one way they show their dedication to helping the people of Idaho, especially those from rural Idaho.

“I love meeting people (of all ages) who have benefited from Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation scholarships over the years. And it’s amazing how often I do! It makes me proud of the impact my family has, since before I was even born, in providing an opportunity for our fellow Idahoans,” said Laura Bettis.

 Each year, the LMCF funds at least 90 generous scholarships to Idaho students. 

“The longtime partnership we’ve had with the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation has made a significant difference in the lives of Boise State students who have gone on to have productive careers in the State of Idaho and beyond. We are very proud and grateful to them for this cherished partnership,” said Vice President for University Advancement Matthew Ewing.

Over time, thousands of students have reached their dream of a college degree through the generosity of the family foundation. 

“By supporting the college-level scholarships we have been providing for decades, we are helping our young adults, offering them the ability to train for careers and helping provide them with leadership learning and opportunities,” said Bettis.

 Itzel Guzman ’25, a nursing student from Rupert, Idaho, says her scholarship support makes attending Boise State possible.

“If I had no funding, I don’t think I could afford to go here. Donor support for scholarships helps me achieve my dreams and goals, and I know it does the same for other students, ” Guzman said.


The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation’s namesake, Laura Moore Cunningham, and her parents, C.W. and Catherine Moore, were early Boise business owners and philanthropists. Their development of businesses and their charitable contributions of both money and time affected early Boise’s growth and development.

 “Idaho has been our home for generations, the place where my family has lived, worked, and raised children,” Bettis said. “Now, our youngest generation is growing up here, and I think spending time in rural Idaho is very grounding. Idaho has had an important role in our lives and our family history, and we enjoy doing what we can to give back.”

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