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Bronco Giving Day

#BroncosGive on Bronco Giving Day

Your gift on Sept. 10, 2020 will have a more significant impact thanks to generous Boise State supporters who have provided dollar-for-dollar matches and multiple challenges. These matches and challenges will inspire and add to the momentum of the day. Throughout the day, live leaderboards will show the progress of each initiative. You can watch in real-time the impact of your giving toward the final results of the day.

Join Us on Sept. 10

Bronco Giving Day 2020 is Sept. 10


2019 Highlights

More than 1,100 Boise State University alumni, student, faculty and staff supporters from 45 states and eight countries contributed $372,974 (and counting) to our second Bronco Giving Day. Boise State faculty and staff contributed $34,857 through 345 gifts. Thank you!

Check Out Matches and Challenges

Maximize Your Impact

Your gift will have a more significant impact thanks to generous Bronco supporters who have provided dollar-for-dollar matches, and multiple challenges. For example, 75 separate gifts unlocked $5,000 to the College of Health Sciences. Another example was, thanks to a generous donation from Catherine Stein, gifts to Feed Blue Thunder in 2019 were matched dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. Check out pro tips below to maximize your impact.

Matches and Challenges Pro Tips


Become an Ambassador

Bronco Giving Day Ambassadors have access to a personal dashboard with unique social media tools that make it even easier to reach and share the excitement with your network around the country and the world.

Become an Ambassador

Share Your Passion

Share your passion by submitting either “why you give” or a “thank you” to be shared on social media during Bronco Giving Day.

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Double or Triple Your Impact

Employer matching

Employer matching programs increase the impact of your Bronco Giving Day gift. Look to see if your employer is listed, or visit your human resources department to see if your employer offers a matching gift program.

If you need any help with the process, please email

2019 Featured Giving

Albertsons Library Updates

New Library Seating

Boise State Students need new seating in the library.  Students come in all different shapes and sizes, and the Library’s old, one-size fits all furniture doesn’t fit all!  Students need a variety of seating for different types of studying that’s comfortable enough for long study sessions.  They want soft seating that can be arranged in groups for discussions and small ottomon like stools that can be dragged in place wherever and whenever another seat is needed.  And, students want us to replace our old study carrels with new study pods.

Alumni Association

Intercollegiate Knights Endowed Scholarship

Idaho statistics reveal that 80% of foster care youth want to attend college, however, only 7% are able to enroll and only 3% graduate. The Boise State Impact Scholars Program is re-writing these statistics.

Boise State alumni and friends may contribute to the Intercollegiate Endowed Scholarship and make a difference in lives of these students.


Student-Athlete Scholarship Support

Representing Boise State in the classroom, in the community and in competition takes a lot of hard work, and our student-athletes give their all each and every day. By making a gift to the Bronco Athletic Association on Giving Day, you are committing to support the education and future opportunities of nearly 400 Boise State student-athletes that proudly represent the Blue and Orange. 

Blue Thunder Marching Band

Feed Blue Thunder

Did you know that a typical game day for those in Blue Thunder Marching Band is an 8-hour time commitment?  All in all, there are two warm-ups, a dress rehearsal on the Blue, a pep band that plays during the Bronco Walk, tailgate parade for the fans outside Albertsons Stadium, Pregame and Halftime performances, and provide Bronco Nation with music and entertainment in the stands from kickoff through the conclusion of the game.  It can be very exhausting for the ensemble!

A major way we attempt to maintain the marching band’s energy level throughout game day is to make sure they’re well-fed.  Before we depart the Keith and Catherine Stein Band Hall in full-uniform to tailgate, we try to provide the best meal we can for the entire band.  It’s such a basic concept that goes a long way to ensuring that Bronco Nation witnesses Blue Thunder at the band’s highest level during every home game!

Campus Infrastructure

Support a Sustainable Future

Boise State Sustainability annually activates over 250 volunteers, connects with 35 community partners, and provides 20 action-based internship opportunities on campus. Through the Celebrate Earth Day events, every April over 150 students, staff, and community partners unite for a week filled with activities around meaningful connections dedicated to deepening our understanding of human-environmental systems and provide solution-oriented workshops to develop a vision for a sustainable future through innovation, collaboration, and thoughtful design.

Campus Beautification

If you have ever taken the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through Boise State’s campus, you cannot deny the campus beauty and pristine landscaping. Thankfully the university has dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to ensure the natural beauty of our campus. Your gift to the campus beautification fund today will help ensure Boise State’s campus beauty be preserved for years to come.

All donations to the Campus Beautification fund will go directly to support innovative landscaping and groundskeeping initiatives, as well as ensure the beautification of our campus with future projects!

University Art Collection Fund

Founded by employees, the University Art Collection Fund promises to make the University’s permanent art collection available to students, faculty, and campus partners—for research, for exhibition, and sometimes just for fun. With your financial generosity, we can preserve and/or conserve works in the collection that are in need of care before they are made available throughout campus.

Club Sports

Support Club Sports

Club sports are student-run organizations for those who have a passion for a particular sports or who want to learn a new sport. Club sport program emphasizes leadership, education and service through the sport it offers.

  • Baseball
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • Figure Skating
  • Men’s and Women’s Hockey
  • Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse
  • Rodeo
  • Men’s and Women’s Rugby
  • Men’s and Women’s Soccer
  • Sporting Arms
  • Triathlon
  • Men’s and Women’s Ultimate
  • Men’s and Women’s Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Track
  • Water Polo
  • Women’s Hockey

College of Arts and Sciences

Light the Morrison Center

The Recital Hall is the only remaining performance venue on campus to have the original Strand Century Lighting system in place. The Department of Music has taken gentle care of the system for the past 37 years, but now materials used in this system have become obsolete; we literally cannot effectively change a light bulb! The other performing arts venues on campus–Morrison Center Main Hall, Danny Peterson Theatre, Special Events Center, and Taco Bell Arena–each have had updates and upgrades to their lighting systems, but unfortunately, the Recital Hall has not.

A new lighting system for the Recital Hall is not merely a wish–it is a necessity. Let’s not let the hall go dark. Please help bring light to the Morrison Center Recital Hall so our students, faculty and guest artists can continue to make beautiful music here!

The Working History Center Fund

The Working History Center (WHC), an initiative of the Department of History in the College of Arts and Sciences, advocates for relevant and vital historical scholarship, education, and professional opportunities to make history work for our communities. The WHC serves faculty and students by developing curriculum in public and applied history, facilitating funding and networking opportunities, and cultivating professional opportunities for students and scholars who want to put history to work

College of Business and Economics

Career Closet

Remember your first interview? Here to help all Broncos look and feel their best, the Career Closet fosters student success by ensuring equitable access to free professional attire. Donated items help Boise State students and alumni prepare for interviews, career fairs, research conferences and other professional events.

COBE Current Use Scholarship

COBE is graduating more students now than years past. More students mean that there are fewer scholarships to distribute and many of our business students depend on this help to remain in school. A gift to the COBE Current Use Scholarship Fund supports undergraduate and graduate students from all business majors. The College of Business and Economics strives to provide an exceptional business education to as many bright, hardworking students as possible — please help us to reward their efforts so they can stress about finals instead of financial aid.

College of Education

Student Teacher Scholarship

During their student teaching internship, students must work full time in a P-12 classroom setting and are unable to work at other employment. This causes a significant financial strain. They are focused, committed and passionate as they work hard to become teachers, and the College of Education Student Teacher Scholarship supports them financially to ease the burden.

The Children's Center

The Children’s Center at Boise State is an accredited early care and education program that has been serving Boise State faculty, staff and student families, and the surrounding community since 1979. With 87% of children served at the center from Boise State families this year, the Children’s Center is making a meaningful impact in the lives of our Bronco family.

College of Engineering

College of Engineering Outreach Fund

How do students decide to become engineers? At the College of Engineering, we think it’s because at some time in their lives, they were fortunate enough to learn what engineers do from a real engineer. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing the experience of engineering to students of all ages in our community. Year round, we create fun, interactive learning opportunities that connect kids with professional engineers so they can learn first-hand what engineering is all about.

College of Health Sciences

Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional collaboration is an educational method where students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to enable teamwork and ultimately improve health outcomes for their patients.

By practicing interprofessional collaboration from the beginning of their education, students are able to learn how to perform in an interprofessional team and translate these critical qualities into caring for their future patients with a higher quality of care. Through your support, we can provide our students with the opportunities and tools necessary to be healthcare professionals that drive excellence, industry standards, and teamwork.

College of Innovation and Design


Esports is the world of competitive, organized video gaming. But, it isn’t just about playing games. Its popularity has opened doors to new career paths in game design and development and many other unexpected careers. Esports competitors discuss strategy, hold practices to hone their skills and compete against other teams. It may not be a traditional physical sport, but it shares many of the conventional aspects of a sport: competition, skill, leadership opportunities, teamwork, participation requirements and entertainment.


Community, Creativity, and Coding  The Onramp program reaches students in need and develops Idaho educators. Through Community, Creativity, and Coding we are building the state’s workforce. Onramp integrates coding into the K-12 grade levels, using the Everyone Can Code curriculum. Teachers and students identify and propose technology-based solutions to community challenges. Onramp is a unique partnership between Boise State, College of Western Idaho, Idaho Digital Learning Academy and Apple. The partnership works with innovative school districts and teachers in and around the Treasure Valley.


The Boise State’s GIMM Program and the Old Coot & Maggie Foundation have created a portfolio of high-tech solutions to community-based problems. This partnership has received input from community members who have identified problems that can be solved with a high-tech solution.

Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge

The Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge (IEC), hosted by the Venture College and the College of Innovation & Design, is the largest educational collaborative competition among universities in Idaho, with students from seven Idaho universities participating. Students from across the state compete for funding to launch or advance their startups.

Diversity and Inclusion

Gender Equity Center

The Providing LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Healthcare conference is an opportunity to share knowledge and best practices with mental and physical health providers–including students, faculty, staff, and community practitioners–while honoring the voices of Queer folks. Affirming, safe care is a necessity.  Help us provide learning opportunities for our current and future healthcare providers.

Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives

The Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives provides support for students from traditionally under-served and under-represented populations to gain research experience with a science or engineering faculty member. Your donations will allow more students to find the scholar within them.

Multicultural Student Services

Boise State celebrates and promotes diverse cultural experiences and identities. The Multicultural Student Services staff and students work together to change campus culture and add value to the educational experience.

Casita Nepantla

Casita Nepantla is a space on campus that showcases Latino art and culture and encourages scholarly work on Latino and Latin American issues. Although the Latino population in Idaho is growing, there is a dearth of scholarly research that explores the important contributions Latino creatives are making to Idaho’s contemporary cultural scene. This critical absence inhibits greater community cohesion between the general public and the fastest growing demographic in the American west. Supporting Casita Nepantla will allow their mission to grow and their commitment to Boise State and the greater community to expand and enrich Idaho.

Graduate College

Graduate Student Emergency Fund

This fund provides financial assistance to Boise State University graduate students who are in danger from withdrawing due to unanticipated, temporary financial hardships resulting from emergency or crisis situations (e.g., accident, illness, death of a family member). Graduate students can face unique challenges to finishing their degrees and these funds are awarded as grants to help alleviate short-term financial needs.

Travel Fund

The Graduate College provides academic conference travel funding to graduate students – in order to help master’s and doctoral students present their research and scholarship (papers, performances, recitals, etc.) at domestic and international academic conferences. The presentation experience that the graduate students gain from academic conferences makes them more competitive on the job market and better prepares them for their future careers. The travel funding opportunities, which are awarded twice per year, typically provides between $500 and $1000 per student, and helps to supplement the funding that is provided by their home departments and programs.


The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) celebrates the exciting research conducted by graduate students. Participants have just three minutes and one slide to present their thesis or dissertation topic and its significance. The competition cultivates student’s academic, presentation, and research communication skills, and helps graduate students to effectively explain their research in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

Fraternities and Sororities

Leadership Development

There are nearly 2,000 members in Boise State’s fraternity and sorority community.  Each chapter is guided by the timeless values of academic achievement, leadership development, service, and positive relationships. Fraternity and sorority members who attend the Emerging Leaders program learn what it means to lead: to model the way, to inspire others to act, to challenge the process, and to take risks.

Currently, only 50-60 students can attend Emerging Leaders each year. Your contribution to this fund will go towards creating additional leadership development opportunities for more students in the fraternity and sorority community.

Honors College

Broncos Supporting Broncos Scholarship

The Honors College Alumni Chapter and current Honors students created this new endowed scholarship to support their peers.  They call on fellow alumni, students, Honors parents, and friends join this special student-led initiative to expand the reach of Honors education at Boise State.

Honors College Book Scholarship

Rising textbook costs are a barrier for many students. It is not uncommon for students to spend $500 per semester on books. By donating to this scholarship, you will help students with financial need to purchase the materials they need to be successful at Boise State.

Honors College Scholarship for International Study Abroad

Study abroad opportunities deepen students’ understanding of the world. To support our students’ growth and educational development, the Honors College Dean’s Excellence Fund supports students who need financial aid to study abroad. By donating to this fund, you are directly helping students experience the world.

Idaho Innocence Project

Idaho Innocence Project

The Idaho Innocence Project at Boise State University is part of an international network of organizations that correct and prevent wrongful convictions.

We stand for justice by standing up for the innocent through litigation, investigation, research and education. We use cutting-edge DNA analysis under the supervision of world-renowned forensic biologist Dr. Greg Hampikian, our executive director; and legal work by our team of volunteer attorneys and professional investigators.

Intermountain Bird Observatory


Though our hummingbird project is primarily research-driven, we also love getting the community involved to see the science that we do! Kids and adults both delight in the opportunity to see these gems up close and personal, to feel the heartbeat, and to release these hummingbirds back into the wild.


The Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO) is partnering with many state and federal agencies and conservation groups to increase awareness and help stop the decline of the Long-billed Curlew. Since its start in 2017, our Hunter’s Education outreach “Know Your Target” program has reached 200+ participants (adults and children) throughout the Treasure Valley! This engaging programming teaches students not only how fascinating curlews and other protected species are, but also the importance of knowing your target and what it means to be an ethical hunter. It is our hope to continue this work to help students become good stewards of the land.

Lucky Peak

Our Lucky Peak research station is IBO’s longest running project (since 1993!) and one that is near and dear to the hearts of many who have visited, volunteered, or camped out at this research station in the woods. A generation of young scientists have now gotten their start at Lucky Peak through our internship and field trip programs, going on to become great conservationists, scientists, and educators in the field! Each year, we host thousands of visitors at Lucky Peak, sharing with them the conservation science and monitoring work we do every day. From crowds of tiny Ruby-crowned Kinglets, to a swooping Cooper’s Hawk, to the blinking eyes of a Saw-whet Owl, Lucky Peak provides a connection with nature and unforgettable memories to all who visit.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a membership-based program for intellectually curious individuals age 50 and older. We serve the academic and social needs of members by producing a diverse array of non-credit course and lecture offerings each semester. Gifts to the Osher Institute Excellence Fund strengthen our program and go a long way in helping us maintain high-quality programming, taught by talented instructors in well-appointed classrooms. Supporting the Excellence Fund helps ensure that we have the necessary resources to meet challenges and opportunities today and in the future.


President's True Blue Endowed Scholarship

The True Blue Scholarship helps support Idaho residents for four years based primarily on financial need and merit. In honor of the inauguration of Boise State’s seventh president, Dr. Marlene Tromp, pledged to form the President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship. Supporting the communities in Idaho by encouraging further education of our students improves the lives of our citizenry and is a priority for Boise State. We want to ensure that great potential is not left unrealized because of an inability to bear the cost of a university education for generations to come.

School of Public Service

Hands-on learning

The School of Public Service believes that one of the best ways to serve the State of Idaho, region, nation and global communities is to actually do something in addition to just learning from books, lectures, etc.  Hand-on learning is a great way for our students to gain real world experience to prepare them for future careers in public service.

Frank Church Scholars

The Frank Church Institute’s mission is to promote civic engagement and understanding of public policy with foreign relations.  The institute is non-partisan, but seeks to provide a forum for open and informed discussion characterized by civility, tolerance, and compromise.  The Frank Church Scholars program is open to degree-seeking Boise State University students.  Awards may be for scholarships on campus, in Washington, D.C. or abroad.

Andrus Scholars

The Andrus Center for Public Policy promotes the wise use of our environmental resources and public lands, proper funding of education for our children and the cultivation of leadership from all segments of our society. The Andrus Scholars Program supports internships with federal or state agencies, nonprofit entities, or other mission-centered business enterprises that provide Boise State Environmental Studies students with meaningful work experience that will enhance learning and skill development, assist in post-graduation job placement, and ultimately support development of the environmental and public lands stewards of tomorrow.

Student Leadership Development

Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks allow Boise State students to make the most of their time away from campus during academic breaks.

Students travel, meet new people, and feel the satisfaction that comes from working to improve communities and lives on a local, regional, and international scale. When they return to campus, they have renewed enthusiasm for community service and become catalysts for social change.

Hundreds of students participate in Alternative Breaks, however, there are just as many who would like to volunteer, but are unable because they lack the money to pay their way. The funding we raise through Bronco Giving will help more students to participate by providing need-based scholarships and reducing the overall cost of the experiences.

Leadership Development

The Student Leadership Development Fund is designed to provide scholarships for students to attend the LeaderShape Institute, a six-day experience that offers a unique opportunity to develop a healthy disregard for the impossible.

Participation in LeaderShape is free, but due to the six-day time commitment, many students cannot afford to take the time off work to attend. This need-based scholarship will enable more students to share in a transformative experience.

Student Employability

The Student Employability Fund provides scholarships for students to participate in hands-on learning outside the classroom, such as internships and Work U. Unpaid experiences (approximately 65% of all placements) are highly valuable and often life-changing for students. Yet many students have to work to support themselves and can’t afford to take time off to participate in unpaid experiences even though they are relevant to their career goals.

Student Wellness

Food Pantry

Eight out of 10 students worry about being able to afford food on a monthly basis, and a study by the Idaho Policy Institute found more than 40 percent of Boise State students have experienced some form of food insecurity, or not knowing where their next meal will come from, during their time on campus.

The Food Pantry provides free nutritious meal kits (complete with recipe ingredients and instructions) and snacks to students in need. An average of 14 students per week drop in to pick up a meal or snack to get them through the week – no questions asked. Of the students who have used the food pantry, 64% live off-campus, and 71% are Idaho residents.

Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund helps students who are hit with unexpected financial hardships and may be in danger of withdrawing. In the past four years, more than $70,000 has been distributed to 187 students who have struggled with housing payments, emergency situations, and moments of crisis.

Mental Health

Boise State’s is working to address an increasing number of student behavioral health issues. In Fall 2017, 64% of students reported overwhelming feelings of anxiety.  10% of students reported seriously considering suicide. Additionally, Idaho is consistently ranked among the states with the highest suicide rates. In 2015, Idaho had the 6th highest suicide rate.  Other neighboring states in the top 10 include Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah and Oregon.  Boise State University is now 40% out of state students, the majority of which are coming from these states that are also struggling with addressing mental health challenges.
Gifts to this fund will help enhance our efforts to address these challenges. Your support will help fund things like supporting suicide prevention training and awareness, create an after-hours counseling call service, provide financial assistance for students seeking mental health care who otherwise could not afford it and support a counselor fellowship training program.


Life After War Veteran's Emergency Fund

The Life After War Veteran’s Emergency Fund was created to provide small emergency grants to Boise State student veterans to help them stay in school while facing a setback. Your support truly makes a difference!