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Nagel Foundation Provides Scholarship Support for Health Sciences Students

(L to R) Ryan Fornstrom, Vice President and Vance Miller, President
(L to R) Ryan Fornstrom, Vice President and Vance Miller, President

During the past year, more than 46 percent of Boise State University students have received financial aid for their academic pursuits. To assist in providing that support, one longtime donor to the College of Health Sciences, the John F. Nagel Foundation, has provided scholarships for nursing and radiologic sciences students – philanthropic support that spans 30 years.

The Nagel Foundation supports the belief that nursing is an honorable profession and that educated caregivers are essential to Idaho’s future. The foundation’s outstanding support has provided more than $3.4 million in annual scholarship funding awarded to Idaho-resident nursing and radiologic sciences students who exhibit exceptional leadership skills and academic performance.

“What is most impressive about the Nagel Foundation is the depth of their relationship over time and commitment to our nursing and radiologic sciences students,” said College of Health Sciences Dean Tim Dunnagan. “The resulting ripple effect of their generosity has real impact for Idaho, in the student lives changed and the lives saved at hospitals across the state.”

The Nagel Foundation has provided financial support for nursing students at Boise State since 1990 and students in radiologic sciences since 2015. The generosity helps decrease student stress, maximize opportunities, and clear the runway for innovation and creativity.

Radiologic sciences student, Tiffany Tran, is one of seven students in her field who received a $6,000 scholarship. Tran is in the final year of her degree program and plans to one day pursue additional education specializing in ultrasound.

“I currently work three different jobs, and due to the busy schedule in my senior year, I will not be able to work unless it’s nights or weekends,” Tran said. “This scholarship will allow me to focus on my academics while staying healthy, and not stress about work. I will also have more time to study for my radiology board exams. Thank you so much for your generosity and for giving me my best chance at excelling in my future.”

Twenty-five nursing students also received $6,000 scholarships from the foundation. Jake Monaghan, ’23, a nursing student who served in the US Navy before coming to Boise State, is pursuing his degree with a minor in psychology.

“This scholarship will give me peace of mind while pursuing one of the most difficult tasks I have attempted in my life,” Monaghan said. “As a non-traditional student, this scholarship will make it so I do not have to worry about finances. I feel that I can face this challenge with less anxiety, and I will be able to focus on becoming successful in the field of nursing.”

Vance Miller, president of the John F. Nagel Foundation, notes their goal to provide funding to students from the area to gain employment and social mobility.

“Providing a path to a career for students who may not have had the financial means to attend college themselves helps lift them and their families to financial security,” Miller said. “In order to break that chain, you need to provide resources for success.”

To learn more about the Nagel Foundation, visit the John F. Nagel Foundation’s homepage. 


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