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Blue, Orange and You

You Make the difference

This campaign exemplifies the collective power of those who care most about Boise State and its students — our faculty and staff. Through your generosity, you can show that this university is more than just your employer — it is about our Boise State community and making the world a better place through the education and support of our students.

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Give Through Payroll Deduction

There are many areas where your generosity can help the university. You can choose whether to give through payroll deduction or make a one-time gift.  To enroll in or adjust payroll deduction, just print and fill out the form and return the completed form to University Advancement, Annual Giving, MS 1030.

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How much impact can your payroll deduction have?

Deciding which fund to support is simple – here is a list of choices searchable by keyword.  Making a donation is a personal decision and it is our goal to help each and every donor find a program or fund that aligns with their values. You can designate your gift to any fund, program, or department, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, we are happy to help.

*Gifts and pledges of $1,000 or more (including cumulative and matching gifts) are recognized in Boise State’s premier giving society, the President’s Club.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Employee Spotlight: Fabiola Juarez-Coca

Fabiola Juarez-Coca and her two daughters

What factors influenced your decision to give to Blue, Orange and You? 
Hearing first hand from the scholarship recipients inspires me to give to the Blue, Orange and You campaign. It’s rewarding to see the direct impact my donation makes in helping students reach their education goals. Mostly, I want to pay it forward because as a Boise State alum and a first-generation student from rural Parma Idaho, scholarships allowed me complete a University degree.

Is there a specific instance or student who inspired you to address this need? 
I know there is a strong need to build the scholarship foundation for our current and future students. Boise State is still such a young University founded in 1932, my mom is 3 years older! There is a lot of need for scholarship dollars and I am so proud to help make a contribution.

What do you hope the long term impact of your gift will be? 
I know my financial contributions will make an impact for a student to be able to spend more time studying, doing research, or participating in volunteer opportunities in our community. We know that Boise State students work part-time to help pay for their education, but if they can get scholarships instead, they will be able to focus on their studies and finish their degree in a more timely manner. Every semester that a student delays graduation due to not having enough money costs them and our greater community in lost wages at a professional level.

If you could say one thing to encourage a colleague to make a donation of any size what would it be? 
Making a contribution to the Boise State scholarship of any size will make a huge impact for a student who made the decision to pursue a degree beyond high school. When you make a donation, you are showing that you believe in the student’s success, and this in turn, builds their confidence. You have an opportunity to impact generational change, especially with Idaho students who tend to be the first in their family to go to college.

What is your favorite thing about working at Boise State or the Boise State community in general? 
My favorite thing about working at Boise State is seeing the strategic growth in the past 30 years; additional academic programs, the new Engineering, Physics, Art and housing buildings. I work in Extended Studies, a department that leads in collaborative partnerships with academic departments and the greater community. Our location is ideal, Boise State sits in downtown Boise, both students and employees are able to take advantage of a thriving outdoor lifestyle.

Corporate Foundation and Relations

Matching Your Work with the Right Partner

We work to match Boise State’s scholarship, innovation and outreach with the missions and aspirations of philanthropic foundations. we can assist you with the entire funding process; identifying potential funders, relationship development including campus visits, proposal writing, university policies and procedures, and reporting.

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