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Parent Information

Every year hundreds of Boise State students study abroad around the world. It is an exciting time for your student! They will grow academically, personally, and professionally. Global Learning seeks to assist parents and students with the education abroad process. This information is intended to give you basic information about studying abroad. Please contact a staff member if you have questions (208) 426-2630.

  • FAQ about study abroad-Learn the basics about study abroad
  • Education Abroad Handbook-All study abroad students are given this handbook, which contains valuable information about the study abroad process. Encourage them to read it carefully!
  • Finding a Program-There are hundreds of study abroad programs available to students. This link will direct you to some of the approved programs available.
  • Health & Safety Resources -Boise State University is concerned for the health and safety of our students. We have extensive emergency planning and procedures for study abroad students. Investigate this link for more information.
  • Financial Aid -Students can use their federal financial aid and many of their Boise State scholarships for their study abroad costs. Use this link to learn more.
  • Billing -Learn more about the billing process for study abroad programs.

Boise State Faculty/Staff Fee waiver
Please note:  The Boise state dependent fee waiver can only be used for direct exchanges, ISEP (semester only),  or the NSE Home Pay plan.

Please contact Global Learning at (208) 426-2630 if you are unclear as to the program types. USAC and other provider programs are not eligible for the Boise State dependent fee waiver.

Also note that if a student earns over 16 credits from their exchange, they may be subject to additional fees or charges after their return. Please review the billing page for more information.