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Steps to study abroad

Step #1: Attend a Study Abroad 101 Session

Register for a study abroad 101 session. If the sessions do not fit your schedule, please email and we will do our best to accommodate you. At the end of the session you will be given a mandatory pre-advising survey in order for us to better advise you through the rest of the process as well as the link to our Via-TRM program finder and application portal.

Step #2: Analyze Your Goals and Preferences

  • What are your academic goals for study abroad? What courses do you want or need to take, and in which academic areas?
  • In what geographic region would you like to study?
  • Do you want or need to learn a foreign language?
  • Would you prefer to live with other American students, other international students, or a host family?
  • What level of support would you prefer: 24-hour on-site program director, host university international office available only during business hours?
  • What is your budget range? Are you planning to use the GEM Scholarship or the WUE tuition waiver?
  • How can I pay for study abroad?
  • What is your travel personality?  Would you prefer that your social and cultural activities and excursions are planned out in advance? Or are you more comfortable with independent problem-solving and going with the flow?

Step #3: Research Program Options

  • Does this program offer courses in your desired academic area? Is there a wide enough variety of courses that the program will enable you to meet your academic goals? If the course is not already listed on our course finder, are you prepared to contact the appropriate departments on campus to obtain approval?
  • How much does the program cost, and what does this cost include?
  • Who will be your classmates? Are they from the U.S., other international students, or students from the host country?
  • If classes are with other international students, does the program provide opportunities to interact with host country students?
  • What is the language of instruction? If classes are taught in a language other than English, do you have the appropriate level of proficiency?
  • What types of housing options are available? Will you be living with other international students, host country students, or a family?
  • What types of support services are included?
  • What is the current political situation in the country?

Step #4: Meet with our office and your academic advisor

Once you have attended an info session and have completed the pre-advising survey, you will need to meet with a GL staff member. Email to schedule an appointment.

Make sure that you’ve completed the pre-advising survey you received during your study abroad 101 session before scheduling an appointment. You will not be able to meet with a staff member  until that is completed. Please prepare questions  about programs you are interested in so that we can assist you to our fullest ability.

You should also plan to meet with your academic advisor to discuss how study abroad will fit into your specific academic plan.

Step #5: Apply to one program

After meeting with an advisor, you will be given approval to begin the application process. Please read all application instructions carefully so that you fully understand the requirements and expectations.

Please do not apply to multiple programs. Only apply to one program.

If you need assistance completing your application, please email Once you have been accepted, contact the office of Global Learning.

You will need to complete Boise State’s mandatory paperwork, which will maintain your full time student status and allow for the disbursement of your financial aid and posting of credits. This is required for ALL students studying abroad, regardless of program sponsor.

The following forms are required:

  • Course Approval Form
  • Terms and Agreement Form
  • Confidential Health History Form

See our How to Apply page for more detailed instructions on the application process.

Step #6: Get a Passport and Visa

All students will need a passport to study abroad. Apply for a passport as soon as possible.  Global Learning is a US Passport Acceptance Facility and you can apply in our office.

Most students studying abroad will need a student visa. You will need to apply for your visa through the embassy or consulate nearest to your home state. To obtain visa forms and contact the host country’s embassy in the US.