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Applying to Boise State University

Applying to a U.S. university can be challenging. We’re here to streamline your process so that you can focus on what really matters.

At Boise State, you are considered a first-year undergraduate student if you are applying to a Bachelor’s degree program and have never attended a post-secondary institution. You should apply as a first-year international student even if you are planning to receive credit for AP, IB, or other examinations completed while in secondary school.

First-Year Undergraduate Application Process

How We Consider Your Application

When you apply to Boise State, your application is primarily considered on the basis of your past academic achievement. Though they are not required, we welcome letters of recommendation, personal statements, or other things you may wish to share with us as we review your application.

In some cases, we may request additional information to help us complete a thorough review of your application. After applying, be sure to check your email for the latest updates regarding your application.

Boise State's Pathway Program

Do you want to improve your English and work toward your degree at the same time? Boise State’s Pathway Program allows students to complete English language and academic coursework simultaneously. At the conclusion of your Pathway Program (1 – 3 semesters), you’ll be fully admitted to your degree program. Applicants interested in the Pathway Program should follow the same application procedures as other degree-seeking applicants.

If you apply to Boise State and don’t meet the university’s English proficiency minimums, we may offer you a spot in our Pathway Program so that you can still work toward your degree.

Learn More About the Pathway Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Who is considered an international student at Boise State University?

You are considered an international applicant if you are a non-U.S. citizen and will require a visa to study legally in the United States. Permanent Residents, Refugees, and Asylees, and DACA recipients are not considered international students. If your status is in one of these categories, please reach out to the Undergraduate Admissions office for guidance.

I am not done with my school year. Can I still apply?

Yes! Boise State will consider your application based upon your in-progress transcripts. We require that you submit your final official transcripts prior to enrollment at Boise State.

How does Boise State consider applicants with dual citizenship?

If you have dual citizenship, you can indicate this on your application. If you hold U.S. citizenship, Boise State will consider you as a domestic applicant even if you also hold citizenship in another country.

Do you accept the Common Application?

Boise State University does not accept the Common Application. Applicants must submit the Boise State application in order to be considered for admission.

Can you waive my application fee?

Unfortunately, we are unable to waive application fees for international students at this time.

How long will it be before I receive an admissions decision?

First-year undergraduate admissions decisions are typically issued within two weeks after receive all of your application materials. This timeline can vary depending upon the time of year, your individual application, and the volume of applications our office is receiving.

Transcripts & Marksheets

I have attended more than one secondary school. Which transcript should I submit?

You are required to send in transcripts from all secondary schools attended unless otherwise specified by the International Admissions Office at the time of application.

What transcripts or marksheets are considered official? How should I submit my transcripts?

Your transcripts or marksheets will be considered official if they are issued by the school you attended and sent to us directly by the institution. Transcripts should be in a sealed envelope with the issuing school’s official stamp on both the document and across the seal of the envelope.

All official transcripts should be submitted by mail or by a secure sending service. Transcripts sent by email or fax will not be accepted.

Does Boise State accept emailed transcripts?

We do not accept transcripts by email or fax.

Do I need to have my transcripts translated?

Yes. If your transcripts are issued in a language other than English, you must also send a certified, literal translation for consideration.

Does Boise State require an external evaluation of my transcripts?

No. For admissions purposes, there is no need to send an external evaluation of your transcripts. All of our international admissions credential evaluation is done by International Admissions staff at Boise State.

How will I know if my transcripts have been received?

You can check on the status of your application materials on your “To-Do List” on your myBoiseState student center.

English Proficiency

How do international students demonstrate their English proficiency when applying to Boise State?

You can demonstrate your English proficiency in a number of ways. We accept TOEFL and IELTS results and also consider numerous other exams for undergraduate applicants. Please review our English proficiency requirements section for the full list of ways that you can demonstrate your English ability.

I don't have a TOEFL or IELTS score. Can I still apply to Boise State?

Yes! There are numerous ways to demonstrate your English proficiency when applying to the university. If you would like to study English rather than enroll in a degree program, you may be a good candidate for our Intensive English Program.

My situation is unique and I'm not sure if I need to submit proof of English proficiency. What should I do?

First, review our English proficiency requirements located previously on this page. If you’re still unsure, please email us at While it is possible to appeal this requirement, approval of appeals is unlikely unless an applicant’s situation is truly exceptional.

Test Scores

Are international students required to submit SAT or ACT results?

No. International students are not required to submit SAT or ACT results. If you are taking one of those exams, however, you are welcome to send them to us and we will consider them with your application.

How do I send my test scores to Boise State University?

Test results should be sent as official copies directly from the testing agency. Boise State University’s school code is 4018.

Does Boise State award credit for exams such as AP and IB?

Yes, students can earn credit for past exams. For full details, see the Credit for Prior Learning page.