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Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

International graduate students at Boise State have numerous funding opportunities available to them, including scholarships and graduate assistantships. Getting your advanced degree at Boise State allows you to focus on your research and academics rather than your bank account.

Graduate Student Funding

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a graduate assistantship? How is it different from a scholarship?

A Graduate Assistantship (GA) is an offer of funding in exchange for some work commitment on the part of the student. Assistantships vary in size, but often cover tuition, fees, and health insurance, and pay an additional living stipend. In exchange, students are expected to undertake teaching, research, or administrative duties in their academic department.

A scholarship is also an offer of funding from the university, but comes with no work requirements.

What are the deadlines to apply for funding?

Graduate Gem Scholarships have deadlines of February 15th (Fall semester) and October 1st (Spring semester). Note that not all graduate programs accept students for both semesters.

Departmental funding deadlines vary. Please check with your academic department to ensure you meet any deadlines.

Can I combine multiple funding sources?

Typically not. If you receive a graduate assistantship, you will no longer be eligible for the Gem Scholarship.

Is it possible to receive full funding at Boise State?

Many departments at Boise State offer very competitive funding packages to qualified students including full funding options and stipend awards. Be sure to check with your academic department for more specifics

Where can I get more information about funding opportunities for Boise State graduate students?

In addition to this page, we recommend visiting the Boise State Graduate College’s funding page and consulting with your academic department directly.