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Ambassador Blog: Making the Most of A Break

The winter break of 2020 was not as easy as other breaks because I could not freely hang out with my friends or travel home. I tried to stay in my apartment as much as possible to reduce the risk of be exposed to coronavirus and to protect others. However, I managed to do some fun things during this break that I would love to share with you!

Taking a BREAK!

As an international student, I am well aware that my time here in the US is very limited, and I want to utilize my four years here to do as many things as I can such as joining student organizations, working on-campus, and taking classes. This left me little time to relax, so I start waiting for break on the first day of each semester 😀 Then the break came, and I still worked because I planned to finish some work ahead of time, so technically I did not have a break at all. BUT, this year is different, I decided to really take a break, and it felt so good!! Give yourself some leeway and YOU-time when possible, friends!

Binge-watching my favorite US Netflix Show.

Sounds pretty counterproductive, I know, but what is different is that we are international students. Watching American-made TV shows is a good way to understand some aspects of the American culture, learn new vocabulary and useful slangs, and a good way to find the community with people who share the same interest (in the show that you binge-watch) that you feel belonged to. I used to think that I did not like American TV shows, and if you happen to think the same way, I suggest you think again. Maybe you have not dug deep enough. My favorites of all time are Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds!

Practicing ukulele.

I have a small hobby of playing ukulele. The sound of this instrument brought me so much joy! If you are interested, I suggest you check it out. Or you can consider learning some new things in break because you have time to do what you like to! My hobby also helps me through some difficult and lonely times during my study abroad journey, so I highly recommend you pursue some hobbies before or during your time in America.

Creating a morning and night routine.

I attended the COID 297 class which Dr. Tromp was my lecturer and I learned from her that she had a morning routine, so did other successful people. Having a morning and night routine is important because this puts consistency to your life, allow you to gain positive energy for the day and reflect your day at night. I put meditation and working out in my morning routine, and reflection and meditation for my night routine. Everybody is different, and I highly recommend you create a morning and night routine for yourself!

Those are four main things I want to introduce to you. I also read some books, tried new meals, completed a certification of human resources, went on some walk with my friends, and listened to some podcasts! Whatever you want to, plan to, or need to do during break, I hope you know that you are the person that understand yourself the most and know what is best for you!

– Chi Nguyen