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Thesis and Dissertation Required Supporting Documents List

*Due to COVID-19, we are accepting electronic signatures and signatures by proxy with permission emails on all forms.

Forms Filled Out Prior to Defense

  • Application for Admission to Candidacy — Complete and submit this form electronically to the Graduate College prior to the deadline for desired semester of graduation (See the important dates page for specific semester information).
  • Appointment of Supervisory Committee — Complete and submit this form electronically to the Graduate College as soon as is reasonable, no later than the time of submission of the Application for Admission to Candidacy.
  • Graduate Defense Notification — Submit this electronic form to apprise the Graduate College that your graduate defense has been scheduled (announcement is required and should precede the presentation by at least two weeks).
  • Defense Committee Approval — Follow the format provided in this template exactly, ensuring that all names are correct. Print one copy on standard white paper to bring to your defense. If you are defending a dissertation give this form to the Graduate Faculty Representative (GFR) prior to the start of the defense. The GFR will deliver this signed copy to the Graduate College. If you are defending a thesis please have your entire committee sign in the appropriate spaces and upload as supplemental material when you upload your document into ProQuest.

Forms to Include at the Time You Upload the Advisor-Approved Copy of Your Thesis or Dissertation

  • Access Agreement for a Thesis or Dissertation — This form provides you with the opportunity to dictate how you would like your electronic thesis or dissertation accessed in ProQuest and ScholarWorks. This form must be signed by both you and your Committee Chair. After obtaining the appropriate signatures, upload as supplemental material into ProQuest along with your document.
  • Embargo Request for a Thesis or Dissertation — If you can’t have your thesis or dissertation published after graduation due to sensitive information, publication rights, or to maintain intellectual property during the patent application process, this form provides you with the opportunity to request an embargo period.
  • Thesis/Dissertation Formatting Requirements Checklist — This checklist document helps you ensure your manuscript has been formatted to Boise State University Graduate College publishing requirements. Please go through the list thoroughly and make sure your document follows our formatting requirements.
  • Approval Page for Electronic Copy — Follow the template exactly and ensure that all names, titles, etc. are correct. Include this page in the electronic version of your thesis or dissertation following the copyright page. This page electronically replaces the Defense Committee Approval page and Final Reading Approval page in the electronic copy of your document. (Find this page on the Graduate college Homepage under forms)
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) Doctoral students only – Please complete the electronic registration for the Survey of Earned Doctorates. This form is submitted to the National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago and will be published in a Summary Report detailing all of the doctorates awarded in the United States.