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2022 Three Minute Thesis Finalists

Boise State B

Learn more about the 2022 Boise State Three Minute Thesis competitors below.

Boise State Three Minute Thesis Competitors

NamePresenter ProfileProgramPresentation Title
Aaron St. GeorgeAaron St. GeorgeComputer ScienceOptimizing Sparse Computation
Jacob HeilJacob HeilBiologyCharacterizing the Sagebrush Phyllosphere
Megan Kelly-SlattenMegan Kelly-SlattenEcology, Evolution, and Behaviorultivar Selection to aid Climate Change: Genotypic Differences in Root Morphology and Chemistry Contribute to Species Variation in Carbon Storage
Tobi Popoola Tobi PopoolaComputingSparse Format Conversion and Code Synthesis
Randi WichmanRandi WichmanCommunicationsRural Embodiments of Femininity: An Autoethnographic Approach to Gender Narratives
Abu Sayeed ChowdhuryAbu Sayeed ChowdhuryBiomolecular SciencesHide-and-Seek Game Between Enzyme and Substrate In Quorum Sensing Signal Synthesis: Decoding Bacterial Secret Communication
Kristina CowanKristina CowanSocial WorkFaculty Course Evaluations as Indicators for Graduate Student Success
Jacob Manzi Jacob ManziElectrical and Computer EngineeringPlasma Jet Printing of Electronics on Flexible, Low-Temperature Substrates
Jessica BernardinJessica BernardinEcology, Evolution, and BehaviorWhat Can Microbial Function Tell Us About Host Health?
Rebecca MillerRebecca MillerMaterial Science and EngineeringStrategies for Recycling Multi-Layer Plastic Materials
Dalton MillerDalton MillerChemistrynactivation of Bacterial Biofilms in Porcine Wound Models Using Cold Plasma
Danielle SiegelDanielle SiegelBiomechanical EngineeringMuscle Utilization of How Babies Achieve a Roll