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Communication with Boise State University

Name changes

Students should promptly report any name change. This can be done by going to the Student Forms Page, completing an Information Update form and returning the form to the Office of the Registrar, Administration Building, Room 110. Evidence of the official name change, such as a certified copy of a court order, a marriage certificate, or a dissolution decree reflecting the new name in full, is required.

Note: Individuals who are, or were at any time, employed by Boise State University (even as a student employee) must report a name change to the Department of Human Resource Services, 2225 W University Dr., Capital Village #3, (208) 426-1616 (documentation requirements may differ).

Address changes

Whenever Boise State University policies or procedures call for a Boise State University office to send written notification to a student, that obligation is fulfilled when that office mails the notification to the student’s last address on record. Past students may update their address in person, by e-mail to, or by sending in a change-of-address card from the post office to the Office of the Registrar, Administration Building, Room 110. Currently enrolled students must update address information on myBoiseState under the Student Center. Under personal information section, select Addresses.

Boise State University Email

Boise State University policy #2280 says, in part, that Boise State University “may send communications to students by email to their Boise State University email address. This includes communications intended to meet the academic and administrative needs of Boise State University, including business that is critical to the operation and function of Boise State University.” Email can forward mail from a Boise State University email address to another email address. However, this is not recommended because forwarded email may be lost or blocked. Note that problems with forwarded email do not absolve students of responsibilities associated with Boise State University communications sent to their Boise State University email addresses. The expectation is that students will receive, read and, when necessary, respond to email from Boise State University.