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Student Forms

Academic Advisement Report

A student can use this link to view their Academic Advisement Report. This link will take you to instructions on how to access the form in myBoiseState.

Academic Advisement Report Form

Advisor Change Form

Students submit this form to request an advisor change.

Advisor Change Form

Applicant Exception Request Form

Applicants should use this form to request an exception from a Graduate College admission requirement(s). This form requires the applicant to have an account in our application system. An application must be submitted and the application fee paid for in order for the exception request to be processed.

Applicant Exception Request Form

Application for Graduate Assistantship (PDF)

Use this generic form to apply for a graduate assistantship if your program does not have a customized form. Submit the form to your graduate program.

Application for Graduate Assistantship Form (PDF)

Defense Notification

*Required* Use this online form to notify the Graduate College that a graduate defense has been scheduled and provide details of the presentation for public announcement.

Defense Notification Form

Defense Committee Approval (PDF)

*Required* A thesis (master’s) and dissertation (doctoral) student uses this template to prepare the approval page to take to their defense. Requires all committee members’ signatures immediately following a successful defense and is then submitted to the Graduate College.

Defense Committee Approval Form (PDF)

Embargo Request for a Thesis or Dissertation

A graduate student uses this form if they require an embargo on their thesis or dissertation.

Please submit an Embargo Request in place of the Access Agreement form.

Embargo Request for a Thesis or Dissertation Form

Graduate Appeal Form (PDF)

Students submit this form to request an appeal to a Graduate College policy or regulation. The Graduate College is the final arbiter in the process of requesting an exception to Graduate College policy. The Graduate College reviews an appeal one time.

Graduate Appeal Form (PDF)

Graduation Application

A student can use this link to apply for graduation after the Application for Admission to Candidacy has been approved. This link will take you to myBoiseState where you will apply for graduation on-line. This is not a form.

Graduate Application Link

Program Change Request (PDF)

Students and advisors use this form to change from one graduate degree or program/track into a different degree or program/track within the same field of study.

Program Change Request Form (PDF)

Report of Failure of Final Oral Examination (PDF)

The Chair of the Supervisory Committee or the Graduate Faculty Representative submits this form to the Graduate College immediately after a student fails the final oral examination. Requires all committee members’ signatures.

Report of Failure of Final Oral Examination Form (PDF)